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Monday, October 31, 2011

31 days of Horror Nerd Indoctrination- Day Thirty One: Halloween

     This is what it all ends and begins with. Halloween. The holiest of holidays.  You keep believing in your invisible man in the sky and  I will have fun, carve some pumpkins, watch horror films and listen to the crypt jam. When I think back to what has turned me into the monster horror nerd I am it has to be Halloween.
It comes once a year but as far back as I can remember October 31st was the day I looked forward to the most. Christmas was cool as I got some shit but the idea of dressing up, watching horror films and getting a fuck ton of free candy always had me harder than a priest at Chucky Cheese.
      The thing about Halloween is I live it everyday now, just like Count Gore De Vol said, "Every Day is Halloween."  I don't give a shit if it is a summer day I will sit down and do a Friday the 13th marathon while eating Count Chocula. I listen to horror soundtracks all year, sure in the month of October it's all I listen to but Halloween has become my life. The thirty one days of horror nerd indoctrination happened because when I was a kid I realized how much I loved Halloween and by the time I was in school already had committed.
The House of Grog's pumpkins. Pumpkinpede, Christ has Failed Pumpkin, Sam and Puking pumpkin.
     Now that I have ranted about how life is Halloween I will go off a bit on things I do for Halloween as it still is my favorite holiday and October is a month that makes me happier than I could put in words. I love that it is the one month most of the world is on par with my addiction to the macabre.  I love that I can go to the store and see cereal with vampires and ghosts while I hear Monster Mash and pick up my special edition of It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown at a sale price. I can get intoxicated, carve pumpkins and listen to the theme song from Ernest Scared Stupid over and over again. I can write these articles. Sure I have written my fair share over the years but with the Countdown to Halloween it gives me a reason, its like fucking someone your in love with.  Orange Oreos. They are so much better than the white ones. I don't care if it's just a color change I can taste it mother fuckers.  Halloween party's are essential. I unfortunately have to take it easy this year as work comes early on a Tuesday but I have had my fair share of insane Halloween party's. People are more inclined to be as crazy as me when they are costumed.  The first year i was in Portland I woke up freezing in someones backyard confused and half naked. I promise you it was an awesome Halloween. This year for a pre-funk  I am told I ended up half naked doing the Thriller dance looking like the Rancor Keeper from that super overrated movie Star Wars.
      Carve a pumpkin, listen to Adams Groove, have a Trick or Treat/Trick r' Treat double feature, eat some candy, get infuxicated, tell ghost stories, read a Lovecraft book and add anything else that makes you as happy as I am right now.


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