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Friday, October 14, 2011

31 days of Horror Nerd Indoctrination- Day Fourteen: Cartoons

     I always tell people that when I was growing up while they were eating cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons I was eating Count Chocula and watching Friday the 13th Marathons(coincidentally what I am doing write now). While this is a true statement there were some exceptions to this. Mostly in the eighties and early ninety's there was a plethora of horror toons.  Thanks to DVDs and people saving video tapes I can still enjoy a morning with a bowl of the count and some cartoons. 

Some of my earliest memories with horror cartoons would of course be Scooby Doo. I mean they were always having hilarious run ins with monsters and ghouls. TV specials were another place I got a taste of the horror toons. Charlie Brown probably had the most famous one with It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and I always loved Garfield so when he got his own special, I had to shit my newly purchased Osh Kosh Bgosh. One special that I never saw as a child somehow was Bunnicula. This was one of my favorite books as a kid so I have no fucking clue how I missed it. I have since then seen it and it was everything I hoped for, yeah a rabbit that sucked carrots blood.

     I, like most kids did enjoy cartoons, I loved all the classics like He-Man, Thundercats, Transformers, TMNT, and G.I. Joe but in the end it was horror I always chose.  That's why when I started finding these horror cartoons It was like crack. I would see Groovie Ghoulies, My Pet Monster, Count Duckula, and Madballs. I also collected the shit out of the Madballs toys but we already did toys so onto more toonz.
After I got home from a hard day of talking horror on the playground at school, I would grab a snack and watch some Disney horror TV.  Gargoyles was always there to be all creepy and shit, while Darkwing Duck was epic, hilarious and wacky.

There were so many great shows at the time but it was when licensed shows started popping up that my little boy dick stood at attention.  I had already seen The Toxic Avenger on USA Up All Night when I saw the add for Toxic Crusaders. I had no idea what to expect, but was glued to the set that Saturday morning. Tales from the Cryptkeeper was a must watch as I already loved Tales from the Crypt.  I lived by Real Ghostbusters and when BeetleJuice came in toon form, I came in pants form.  Swamp Thing, Attack of the Killer Tomato's, The Adams Family, Godzilla, King Kong, and Little Shop of Horrors also got the pen dropped and made me a happy little youngster.
     Nickelodeon was always a network for kids and they showed their horror love.  A show that they played that still is one of my all time favorites is Aaahh!! Real Monsters.  I vividly remember watching this pretty much every day and still watch the DVDs of them more often than a thirty one year old man should admit. How can you not love a show where one of the main characters looks like a Ball sack with hands for eyes. I'm looking at you Krumm.

Over the years with my obsession of horror and cartoons, it was nice to see some more adult fare. MTV put out The Maxx which was based off of a comic by the brilliant Sam Keith. I remember this show so well and it gave me this feeling that I could never even try to explain.  While not typical horror, its dark, dreamy bizarre world had me sucked in like that guy I saw on  Real TV that got sucked into an airplanes propeller. Once the internet was in full effect like Reggie, I would watch Happy Tree Friends. How could you not love a bunch of cute animals getting the shit killed out of them in the most viscous ways?  Today we have Ugly Americans, I will go on record saying I love this show.  So many references, all the characters are excellent and it is just fun. It reminds me of the same feeling I got watching Duckman late at night when it first premiered, a show I wanted to include here but calling it horror would be stretching it, even for me.

I couldn't do a write up on horror cartoons without mentioning one of the staples. Sure it's not always horror but Simpsons Treehouse of Horror has been a staple for most horror nerds for the last twenty something years.  South Park has also joined in on the game themselves also having some pretty memorable Halloween episodes.  I could go on and on with shows that have done Halloween episodes, but I am tired and I assume you are getting tired of reading. I mean there are horror and drinks to be had.

I will end with a section of horror cartoons that is as limited as Bush's lexicon. Horror movie cartoons. I was trying to think of them and I only came up with a few.  I sent out a message in a  bottle, or a text depending who you talk to. Gabe Nye, and Jacob Von Klingele received my message and had the same problem I did.  There are only a few.  There are a couple Hellboy animated movies, Batman fought Dracula, and Scooby Doo has about as many as the the Saw section in a used DVD store, but when it comes to original animated horror films, I don't even have to get naked to count them(I mean there is less then twenty one).  Monsters Inc was awesome, one of the first Pixar movies I saw and it was rad. I felt like a pedophile sitting in the theater by myself with like a billion children running around but it was worth it. A few years ago Monster House came out which isn't just one of my favorite animated films, but one of my favorite films.  Last would be a movie than many hated but I loved. The Haunted world of El Super Beasto. When Rob Zombie put out the comic book Spookshow, Superbeasto was the only segment I enjoyed. Foul, full of references and just sleazy fun.



Mr. Gable said...

HOLY SHIT! I'd forgotten all about My Pet Monster! I used to have this kick ass Monster doll when I was a kid! thank you.

Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

What an excellent trip down memory lane. Loved My Pet Monster too, and Mad Balls. I'd also totally forgotten about The Maxx, which I loved. I was a huge Sam Keith fan when I collected comics-- almost twenty years ago now.

Guts and Grog Reviews said...

Thanks dudes. My Pet Monster owns. Sam Keith is a bad ass for sure.