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Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 days of Horror Nerd Indoctrination- Day Two: Food

     Food. Seems like a weird thing to include in horror nerd indoctrination but it does play a big part. Whether it be what I choose to put my food in like a coffee cup with The Black Dahlia on it, or a bowl with Ted Bundy or a travel mug with Jason. I think about these things. Growing up I didn't give a shit about Lucky Charms or Trix I wanted my cereal to have a count on it, or a monster or you get the point. I would watch Tales from the Cruptkeeper while eating Boo Berry and that was just last year.  Over the years there have been tons of tie ins, Ghostbusters being the one with the most that I know of. I mean the cereal, the spagehttios, and of course Ecto Cooler. Oh how I miss Ecto Cooler. I have a fond memory of being at a week long music fest and pissing in a Ecto Cooler bottle in my tent and later having a friend drink it as my piss at that point looked no different than Ecto Cooler. Healthy is just how I live, anyways back to the tie ins. You had Gremlins, and Adams Family, and E.T. get their own cereals . Bigfoot got some pancakes. Zombies, ghouls and more got hot sauce and when I go to a target I am not going to buy candy unless it is in the shape of a skull, ghost, pumpkin or eyeball. Why would I?  Energy Drinks have been a big thing recently and with that I say of course Charles Manson got one. Wanna know what Bill Compton drinks? Yeah, you can Tru Blood will give the shakes and taste kinda gross but the bottle is sweet.
The thing is food while not being the most important thing is able to add flavor(pun intended) to your horror experience. During one of our marathons we made spaghetti on Italian night. I mean why wouldn't you watch City of the Living Dead while you eat Garlic Bread. As I mentioned earlier the cereal you pick to eat when you first wake up at the crack of noon is kind of a life decision. I mean you don't want to eat Frankenberry while your watching Nosferatu, you get the count.  It's that fucking simple.




DOC TERROR said...

There are recipes for Ecto Cooler out there! I haven't tried them as of yet, but they look promising. I'm hoping that if we see a Ghostbusters 3 that HiC will take a hint.

Guts and Grog Reviews said...

I know. I almost included that but still haven't tried it. There are also recipes for alcoholic Ecto Cooler which I for sure want to try.