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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 days of Horror Nerd Indoctrination- Day Twenty Five: Websites/Blogs/Podcasts

    It being the future and all I would be crazy(which I am) to not include a place that ninety five percent of horror news comes from. The internet. Yeah, I love magazines and books and will never give them up. The thing is the internet is fucking convenient. It also has made it available for hacks like me to post my thoughts(I might be pushing it with that) for everyone to see.
      I would say my first real interaction with a horror news site was Bloody Disgusting. When I first found that site I read it religiously everyday. It was amazing instead of waiting every couple of months for a new Fangoria or Rue Morgue I could just click a couple buttons and find out that Jason was gonna fight Freddy.  Since then I of course have found tons of places that I check religiously.
     News is great and necessary but what else has been a great addition to my life is reading other peoples thoughts and listening to podcasts. It is so interesting to hear all the different views and places people are coming from with their love for horror.
      So instead of writing about every place I can think of I am just going to link to some of the sites/blogs/sites I read. Check em out. There are so many great ones I know I will forget some. I am sorry. I am doing this on a whim with no preparation. 

One of the biggest sites and always a good place to check for up to date news.
He watched a horror film a day for a year and documented it. Now he has interesting articles, reviews and lists.

Mr. Gable is my brother in bad. He will tell you how shitty a movie is and why he loves it. Some of the most fun you will have reading about one mans insanity. 

Scary Larry is a whore for whore. You can find out about all the horror babes,comics,movies, and music you want with insightful clever write ups and pictorials.

Video Reviews of film and TV. This shit is amazing and hilarious and you should check it. 

Robo will teach you about his sad side with some of the most insightful, intelligent while still be entertaining reviews on the internet. 

A super entertaining and informative Podcast, reviews, and other random bits of awesome.

Love of all film, specializes in awesome. Horror,Action, comedy and more. He gives love to the lesser known or distributed work.  Amazingly insightful and hilarious write ups and more love for Dolph than you thought possible, and that's a good thing. 

Great blog where Vincent shows off some of his amazing art. You must see this. 

A podcast after my own heart.  Horror and beer. These guys have had some great episodes and I am sure there are plenty more lined up.

He loves The Asylum so much they had him write for them. His first feature A Haunting in Salem was a fun throwback haunted house flick and I pretty much have a rock hard boner waiting for 2 Headed Shark Attack. 

Another great place to get up to date news with some pretty entertaining reviews and articles. 

Lover of film and music Dr. Terror will teach you things you knew nothing of. His articles on soundtracks and novels will have you screaming for more. No malpractice suit here. 
Great blog with super interesting write ups on films of all genres. You owe it to yourself to check this out. Her love for Reb Brown alone warrants a view.

Super insightful articles with plenty of humor mixed in for good measure. I knew I had found a blog I had to read when I read his write up on Joe Bob Briggs. 

The man that brought you the grog's logo and has contributed with some of the most popular articles shows off his art skilz. Title says it all. 

Another contributor to the grog Jacob Von Klingele shows his toy making which will rape your face. Not all horror but all amazing. 

   Well I know I missed about a million but here is a start. More knowledge and entertainment are at your fingertips. Use them.


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Mr. Gable said...

Blogging has changed my life. I never thought it would be this awesome.

I've been getting into podcasts more. Such a great time killer on my way home from work. Check out the Greatest Movie Ever! podcast. Paul Chapman is really informative.