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Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween 666:The Curse of Michael Myers- Joe Chappelle

     I remember hating this movie more than OJ hated his wife.  This morning when I woke up and decided that I was going to put myself through more torture than Bill Mosley? went through in Robert Lieberman's latest film this was the moment I dreaded.
     Druids took that girl from the last boy scout(cheap lazy reference on my part) because she got the deep dicking and made another little Myers baby.  Lucky for her even though she has to get the death Paul Rudd has Alicia Silverstone pull off the freeway and drop him off to save the devil baby.  Lots of bullshit happens and yes in case you missed it in the first five movies It is because of a cult.  I mean they couldn't of painted that any clearer obviously it was a cult.  Didn't you get all the signs in the first five.  Oh wait this is total bullshit I forgot. 



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