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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top 10 of 2003

2003 a year when Elliot Smith finally quit crying about everything when he fell on a knife, Gary Ridgway admits he did kill those 48 woman and threw their body's in one of the grossest rivers on the planet and Martha Stewart traded in her crafts for a jumpsuit. Two of the best Johns in the world(not that kind you sick bastard) left this world, the Man in black Mr Johnny Cash followed his wife June Carter off this mortal coil(not the band) and John Ritter turned his shorts in.  Mr Rodgers was ran out of his neighborhood and Charles Bronson finally got his death wish.  Now on to film.

 10. August Underground's Mordum- Jerami Cruise/Killjoy/Mike Schneider/
Fred Vogel/Cristie Whiles

If you can stomach this please do, the effects are unfuckingbeleivable. You will puke, eat that puke and puke it back up, then your friends will eat that puke and puke it all over each other, it may even turn into a puke bukake. 

9. The Toolbox Murders- Tobe Hooper

This in name only remake was a nice step back up the ladder by Mr Hooper after some of the bullshit he has done since the TCM.  Crocodile anyone?

8. Cheerleader Massacre- Jim Wynorski

Mr Wynorski returns to his massacre in this throwback to the 80 just insane gore and titties. Love it. The shower scene in this give House on the edge of the park a run for its money for longest most gratuitous shower scene.

7. House of 1000 Corpses- Rob Zombie

Nowhere as good as the sequel a nice setup for it, a fun throwback to the 80's not a bad start for Zombie to bad he went on to waste his time remaking classics.

6. Monster Man- Michael Davis

Before he did Shoot em Up this guy kicked ass and took names later with this monster in a monster truck road badassary.

5. Haute Tension- Alexandre Aja

This movie could of been so much better if it wasn't for God damn M Night showing up to destroy the ending. Still amazing visually and just a fun fucking ride.

4. King of the Ants- Stuart Gordon

The master returns with this tale of brutality.  The Asylum was involved in this before they went on to make such modern masterpieces as Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and Mega Piranha.

3.  Dead End- Jean-Baptiste Andrea/Fabrice Canepa

Another French film this time staring the always amazing Mr Leland Palmer himself Ray Wise.  

2. Oldboy- Chan-wook Park

The second in the vengeance trilogy is one of the best revenge movies ever made and also one of the best movies ever.  So fucking perfect and brutal and beautiful and just bad fucking ass.

1. The Manson Family- Jim Van Bebber
Originaly called Charlies Family and filmed over something like a 20 year period this is the ultimate Manson film, not to mention the ultimate Serial Killer film, not to mention one of the best films ever made. Jim Van Bebber is God only I have actually seen him. He needs to make more films everything he does gives me the biggest boner I am able to get.

Well there you have it, 2003. Next up we move onto 2002, a year full of giant spiders, epic rape and sequels made decades after the original. Peep this shit, it will be up soon.

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