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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Hole- Joe Dante

     Joe Dante returns with a movie I can get behind, No reach around though.  
     The Hole plays out like a 90 minute episode of Eerie Indiana  which is OK in my book as Eerie Indiana was bad ass to the core of the earth, by the core I mean where the hole leads not that shitty movie with Harvey Dent. 

      This may not work for everyone but for anyone that grew up watching Dante's work or Goosebumps, or any of the great dark kids horror this is right up your ass uh alley uh hole? 

     It is a roller coaster ride where your childhood friend doesn't fall to their death.  It's fun, its creepy with little girls and Jester on a  roid rage crawling into hole's as if they were in  a Jan Svankmajer film. It is entertaining and funny and Dante fell into a goldmine using "hole" as the title, the most insane amount of innuendos. I wanna play a drinking game, take a shot every time a minor talks about having fun inside another minors hole. 
     The story here is not important. Don't get me wrong it works and actually most things in this film work. The acting, the effects, the story it all works, but who gives a good god damn.  This movie is a throwback to your childhood without all the touching in the places your swimsuit covered, well unless you were into that. The Hole made me feel like a kid again, sure I had more tequila while I was watching it, but a kid nonetheless.




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