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Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween 2- Rick Rosenthal

     I have more memories with this than I may even have with the first one.  I recorded it off of USA during one of their Marathons and watched it about as much as I did my copy of Ramboner.  Anytime I hear Mr. Sandman I cant help but think of a time where some jackass decided that obviously Michel Myers had another sister he didn't OJ. Anyways onto the "review"
     Halloween 2 starts off right at the end of the first film.  Laurie is taken to the hospital and of course Michael makes his way there to cause some chaos.  This hospital is ran by possibly the most professional staff this side of Richard Pryor in Critical Condition.  When your on duty the best idea is to have a sexy romp in a hot tub with the sleazeball ambulance driver.  What is your reward?  Micheal will turn the heat up to 11 and melt your naked face off.  This scene stuck in my head from my childhood right up there with the hot rock through the body from Jason takes a boat. 
     All in all part deuce holds not a god damned candle compared to the original but for a fun continuation with some interesting  kills and  some additions to the lore(good and bad)its not a bad idea to put in your shitty VHS if your kind of bummed that the first one is over.  You can rest assured that even with all the stupid ideas at least they didn't decide Michel was who he was due to a cult, oh wait shit, I need another drink.



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