Guts and Grog Tooned Up

Friday, November 16, 2012

Yokai Monster an Illustration by Yo Mutsu

Yo is a Portland based artist who I came into contact with through Peter Poison and Seth the Zombie. When I had to sell my DVD collection to stay afloat through unemployment, he was one of my main buyers. Our mutual love of puke and all things horror alined us. There is talk of a Guts and Grog show at the Lovecraft where he curates.

Yo has done a painting based off of "Yokai Monsters Spook Warfare" which was made in 68, and remade by none other than Takashi Miike. Check the trailers below for both. Make sure you also click the picture of his painting so you can see the full size image.

Yo is the curator for The Lovecraft (which specializes in horror, occult, gothic, and anything else dark themed.) Contact him if you want to show art. He also has a website, Puke Galore.

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