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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

James DePaolo Throws Down His Top 10 Kiddie Horror Films

James and my mutual love for films such as "The Bunny Game" and "Dear God No!" is what first interested me in checking his writing out. I have since become a fan and check Wicked Channel daily.

I have nieces who range anywhere from 25 years old to great nieces at 10 weeks. Not all horror films are appropriate for them, and as a parent I know most people just have the misconception if it is a horror or scary movie that little kids are not the intended audience. I wanted to come up with a list of films that I have watched with my youngest nieces that I think are scary but yet safe for kids of any age.

Gremlins- While the film does have a PG13 rating, this is still a fun film for kids all ages, where little boys and girls will want you to buy them a Mogwai. The film is fun for the whole family, and many kids may also learn how to properly feed an animal, you never know.

Bettlejuice- I let my 7 year old niece watch this with me and she could not stop laughing at this film. This film is more comedy than horror, and kids will love the character and all the stuff he gets into.

Ghostbusters- This film is a classic, and every kid should at least watch it one time. From the ghosts to the jokes, this film is a sure hit with kids. 

The Wizard of Oz- This film brings out the kid in all of us. Was there anyone truly scarier than the wicked witch of the north? This film should be witnessed by everyone at least once in a lifetime.

Jaws- This one while PG is a little tricky, the film is violent and very graphic and will scare the little ones. While kids ten and above may be the perfect crowd for this film.

Nightmare Before Christmas- Nightmare Before Christmas does not really aim to scare viewers, but the creepy claymation monsters featured in Halloween Town may provide some scares. Some of the original creatures are creepily animated and scenes of Santa's abduction are frightening as well.

Coraline- For pure horror and chills alone, Coraline is by far one of the scarier children's movies. It is PG and suited for kids, but parents may want to watch it as well.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space- Another iffy one, it is PG13 and at times does get a little violent and some language here and there, but this is a fun film that kids would laugh at and have fun with.

Mars Attacks- Another iffy film for kids, while this film as well is in the same realm as Killer Klowns, it is still very fun and kids would laugh and have a good time with.

Twilight Zone-Not the film but the original television shows. It airs on basic cable daily on many channels, if you have a kid who wants to be a horror fan, this would be a safe way to start. I know most families throw their little ones in Saw and Hostel, but this is the right way to start. Discover what true terror and horror really is.

- James DaPaolo

Make sure to check out all of James' writing over at Wicked Channel. It is your one stop place for movie reviews, music reviews, TV shows, and all news in movie and music.

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