Guts and Grog Tooned Up

My Shit Elsewhere

5 Horror Movie Grandpas You Wish You Could Call Your Own(Couchcutter)

5 Punxsploitation Films That Will Have You Rolling In Broken Glass(Couchcutter)

5 Sequels You Hate And Why You Are Wrong(Couchcutter) 

The Best Of Number Two – C.H.U.D. II: Bud The Chud By Eric Martin AKA Tromeric

Friday After Next for 25 Days of Shitmas Part 2(Shit Movie Fest)

Halloween Fifteen: Cheerleader Massacre(The Moon is a Dead World)

 Halloween Fifteen:Dust Devil (The Moon is a Dead World) 

IHW: A TALE OF TWO HOLOCAUSTS - Guts and Grog Takes on Cannibal Holocaust and Jungle Holocaust

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK:Tromeric Counts 'Em Down and Puts 'Em Back(Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors)

Italian Horror Week: When Italian Sea Monsters Attack(Doc Terror)

The Lost Art of Horror Movie Raps(Couchcutter) 

Maybe it's Mayoween! Eric of Guts and Grog Visits with The Manson Family(The Moon is a Dead World)

Mayoween Year Two: Bad Channels(The Moon is a Dead World) 

Monster Cereals and Cartoons: Not Just for Predators Anymore(Couchcutter)

The Room Report with Tromeric(Mr. Gables Reality)

Santa's Slay for 25 Days of Shitmas(Shit Movie Fest)

Six Unbelievable Moments, More Believable than the ending of Saw(Couchcutter)

Slaterocalypse: Gleaming the Cube(Back Online, Back On Duty) 

Survival, Or The Slowest Form of Suicide: A Look Back at Dudes(Couchcutter)

Things Get Troma(Drunk On VHS)(Podcast)

What Halloween Means to Me(Son of Celluloid)

Yeah! Guns 'n Shit!: Red Scorpion(Back Online, Back On Duty)

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