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Monday, June 9, 2014

Tromeric's Top 100 Comedies: The Last 20(More Like 30)

Shit everywhere. That is what happened the first, and every time I watched this. Breathing is a difficult thing to accomplish during Superbad. Every word that comes out of their mouths, is hilarious. The amount of times Jonah Hill is hit by things. Wow. Best part of the whole movie is him tripping over the tent in a random back yard. So perfectly timed. 

The film that put Ernest on the map. So many amazing moments. The song he sings is surprisingly touching, and parachuting turtles always excite me.

This is a film I stumbled across, perusing the walls at the video store. I knew nothing about it, but the title ruled, the cover had a pretty girl on it, and it claimed to be better than Dazed and Confused. I didn't really expect that quote to hold any truth, as I was in love with Dazed. Once I watched it I knew two things. It was amazing, and comparing it to Dazed was not really valid. They both take place in the 70's, besides that, not a lot in common. Over the years, this has become a staple around my place. I have to watch it at least once a year, and the quotes never end. Beware the eyeball. 

A spoof of Sherlock Holmes, in a haunted house, with Don Knotts. Do you really need to know anymore? 

The most infamous of Waters' films. I have always loved the idea of people competing for the title of "filthiest people alive." Every time I watch this I laugh harder, then I did the previous time. Singing assholes, shit eating, family blow jobs, eggs, and so much more. 

I think I can safely assume that this is the darkest comedy on the list. Calling this a comedy, is a bit of a stretch. With that said, I can't help but laugh my ass off, in between cringing of course. The opening with Jon Lovitz has be rolling on the floor every time. It is so awkward, and perfectly executed. After you have watched this, make sure you search for the video of Bert and Ernie, with the "cum" conversation overdubbed. Jaw dropping. 

I have watched this so many times. I can pretty much quote it from start to finish. The tomfoolery between these three pets is non stop. All of the others they meet on their journey just add to the awesome. Watch out for Birdzilla, and remember "cats rule, and dogs drool."

Never in a million years would have thought that this title would make it so high on my list. I don't really enjoy Russel Brand, and romantic comedies are not my go to, in the comedy genre. The writing in this is brilliant though. Jason Segel straight kills it, and the jokes never stop. The vampire puppets are an amazing touch as well.

I never got snow days when I was growing up. The city was way too prepared, and at best school would be delayed for a couple of hours, but I believe that only happened once. I did create my own snow days, but I did that year round, didn't really matter the weather. 
The cast in this is great. Chris Elliot as Snow Plow Man, Chevy Chase as the bumbling meteorologist, and Iggy Pop as the uptight ice rink manager. So many great jokes, and hearing Iggy Pop scream "Metallica sucks" is a highlight of my personal life. 

I can put this on anytime. It has, and always will entertain me, like few films do. When I was a kid, I enjoyed the nudity, and the gang seemed like a group of people I would love to hang out with. Now I enjoy the....oh who am I kidding, I still love it for the same reasons. 

It is always very difficult for me to pick my favorite John Waters flick. This, Pink Flamingos, and Desperate Living are always the three that fight for the title in my head. Pink Flamingos is his most famous, and most shocking, mostly due to the shit scene. I love everything about it. Desperate Living is insanely underrated in my opinion, but it always comes back to this one, for me. It has all of the shock of Flamingos, but just seems smarter, and it is easier for me to identify with the characters. I love the duel role of Divine, and the Christmas opening gives me an excuse to watch it every holiday season.

More Ernest. There is no such thing as too much Ernest in my world. As stated previously, I love Christmas movies. I have a weird affinity for them. So mixing that with Ernest. Well, lets just say I have had to call the doctor, because this thing has definitely lasted longer than four hours. 

I'm a dude....who is obsessed with Good Burger. It is rare for me to go a month without putting this on. Start to finish, I shit. 

I struggled putting such a new movie so high on the list, but with the amount of times I have watched it, during its short life, made it seem valid in my head. The laughs just don't stop for me. I love that everyone basically plays the stereotype, most associated with them. I love the horror references, I love Satan's cock. I am not sure how to feel about the fact that that statement doesn't seem out of place, when coming out of my mouth. Never mind, I am Okay with that. 

 This is one of those films that took multiple watches to fully fall in love with. I liked it initially, but it wasn't until I had gotten to know the characters that it really shined for me.  It also gave me a new goal in life. Someday, I will send someone a giant cotton candy. Someday. 

I had no interest in seeing this initially.The trailer didn't really make it look all that great, and I was pretty over Adam Sandler, by the point it came out. Once I watched it, I realized two things. It was fucking hilarious, and outside of his name being attached, Sandler wasn't really involved. I love when films play insane shit, straight. Like a monkey driving the two most stoned individuals you have ever seen, to a video game competition.

A movie that not many have seen, but everyone should. It is so bat shit insane. Frank Stallone kills it. The scene where he does a flip of the balcony.....beautiful. 

Another film I can quote from start to finish. So many brilliant characters, and the cast all own their roles. Goddamn, I really want some pig's feet.
I remember being about ten or eleven, and I was up late watching films in my room. That was nothing new. Basically how I spent my evenings. I had to be up early the next morning, to meet with a friend. I was about to turn off the USA Network, where I had been watching some schlock film. Then I heard a couple of Canadians talking to a lion. I knew right then, sleep wasn't an option. I sat there with my eyes glued to the screen. To this day, I can't take my eyes away, if this is on the tube. 

I had already become obsessed with Poolboy, when I first heard about this. I loved the idea, and the trailer had me rolling on the ground. It finally hit shelves, and I had a party at the house of grog. A group of us put it in, and the laughter basically didn't stop until it was over. I couldn't breath. I couldn't talk, I could barely see, I was laughing so hard. I had to instantly watch it again alone, as I knew I had missed at least half the jokes due to the shitting going on in my living room. Ray Wise calling Einstein names, the Axis of Evil being werewolves, and the mystery of if FDR's cack, and if it was able to work. These along with every other second kept me playing this on repeat for days. Marco......Polio! 

The amount of shitty movies this guy has directed, is kind of insane. Especially when you look at this, or his other masterpiece, which was Problem Child. It just baffles my brain. Oh well, that doesn't change the fact that this film is perfect. Truly bizarre, insane cinema. I have worn numerous copies of this tape out.

I watch this every Halloween, and have every year since I was a little tike. I also end up watching throughout the year. I never have, and never will get sick of this. The aliens are hilarious, and Royal Dano reprises his role from Killer Klowns, basically. 

So classic. Never really fancied myself a Tom Hanks fan, but when he is good, he nails it. This is definitely one of those times. Watching him, and his decent into madness, is mesmerizing. When he loses his shit, and is throwing a hissy, I can't breathe. The neighbors are creepy as shit, and I love the idea of throwing a party to watch your crazy neighbors.

I had a hard time not putting this at number one. There are two reasons it didn't make it, and those are revealed below. A modern day eighties comedy. Not because it's an homage, or because part of it takes place in the eighties, but because it is pure insanity plot wise, that generally is only found in an eighties comedy. Crispin Glover is so fucking good. Waiting for him to lose his arm is comedic genius. So many quotes are now part of my everyday lexicon.

Good goddamn! I will never get sick of this flick. I watched this so many times in my childhood. Mortician Matt, and I would watch this shit three times a day, at certain points. Joe Spinell has a small role in it, as well as Eddie Dezzen. If you haven't seen this. Watch it. Pure eighties perfection. 

It had to be number one. Ernest is God, and this is his masterpiece. I love everything he has done, but nothing can beat this for me. The troll is pretty terrifying, Eartha Kitt is amazing, and MIAK will save your life.

Thanks so much for reading along as I went down memory lane within the comedy world. I am in no way claiming the quality of these films. These are in order, based on my taste, my nostalgia, and my insanity. 


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