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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tromeric's Top 100 Comedies: 60- 41

Another entry that is very nostalgia based. Parts are overly sentimental, but there are enough laughs to keep it entertaining. I saw this at the drive in, about a week after I graduated. Which made it nearly impossible to not draw parallels to my own life. I mean, I also wanted to penetrate Jennifer Love Hewitt. Some random cameos from future stars keep you on your toes as well. 

Growing up a fan of the greener things in life, how can you not love this masterpiece? It is also funny as shit, so that doesn't hurt. 

From what I have heard, Bob Odenkirk, and David Cross have disowned this. I know it took a christ age for it to finally come out. I loved Mr. Show, and was insanely excited when I heard that a feature based off my favorite criminal was headed to the big screen. A billion years later it finally hit, and my ass left my body from laughing so hard. It is not perfect. Plenty of flaws, and I understand why they weren't happy with the finished product. With that said. This shit is funny as hell. 

Super under appreciated film. Written and directed by Louis C.K. Goes great as a double feature with Fear of a Black Hat. I swear by Pootie, Let him protect you.

The amount of times I watched this growing up. Wow! Mostly looked down upon. I don't get it. Holy shit! The cast is so great. So many heavy hitters. It is on the verge of being a horror comedy. The make up is excellent. It's almost a comedic version of the backwoods horror film. Oh, and Digital Underground kills it. 

After the amazing Super Troopers, I was ready to see more from Broken Lizard. When I heard their next film was going to be a horror spoof, I leaked a little from multiple places. I waited anxiously until the time had come. I fell in love instantly. Super Troopers took me a couple views to fully love, where this was instant. Bill Paxton destroys as the fictional version of Jimmy Buffet, surprisingly effective kills, and Jordan Ladd gets all kinds of naked.  This, and the fact there is a solid laugh within every five minutes of film, makes it a regular must watch. 

The film that put Wes Anderson on the map. He had Bottle Rocket beforehand, but this really put him in the everyday lexicon of film nerds. Probably the first time I realized how brilliant Bill Murry was. While I have enjoyed most of Anderson's films since, very few have surpassed this one for me. 

Written by Stuart Gordan, and Brian Yuzna. Yes, you read that right. I saw this shit in the theater multiple times. Funny as hell, with a bit of the atomic Sci-Fi feel. Followed by a couple of  enjoyable sequels.

A childhood favorite. Michael Keaton was on a roll in the late eighties. This had everything I was in love with as a kid. It also is one of the fist times I realized I could have my horror and comedy in the same helping. 

Sending talking animals to the city, is similar to sending a horror franchise to space. Probably not a great idea, but somehow ends up being pretty goddamn entertaining. I don't visit this one quite as often as the first, but it still ends up in the deck more frequently than it should at a 33 year old's house. 

We start into the second half of this countdown, with one of the newer films to make the cut for me. The cast all kill it in this. Franco blows me away, but it is the collective that makes up the entire cast that really captures my heart. I really hope part two happens, especially if it is anything like their homemade version from This is the End. 

While I never was a huge fan of Hogan as a wrestler, I generally love his film work. That sounded funny, even as I typed it, but I stand by it. I wouldn't dare call any of them cinematic masterpieces, but goddamn are they fun. Unless you count Santa with Muscles, which I still feel the need to watch during the Xmas season, but I digress, he was always too positive for me in the wrestling world. I didn't want to hear someone tell me to stay away from drugs, and respect my parents. I wanted someone to kick ass, and chew bubble gum. Even with my less than loving attitude towards his wrestling, I love this movie. The whole cast is great, and it is a great one to put on during a lazy day. 

A staple of my teenage years. Growing up, I always wanted to work in a video store. I imagined all the hijinks I could get myself into. This movie helped me see that my imagination was just breaking the barrier. It is also one of the first movies that made me realize that anyone could make a movie, if they really wanted to. A film I revisit often would be an understatement. One last thing. Is thirty seven dicks really a big deal?

I assume many will disagree with me putting this above the first one. While I don't disagree that the first is a far superior film, this one is more of a staple for me. I absolutely loved the gopher in this, and I wore the shit out of the first tape of this, that I owned.

Emilio Estevez writes, directs, and stars in this. Part garbage man comedy, part murder mystery. This film defines the early nineties for me. Keith David is terrifying, and hilarious. You don't ever touch another mans french fries. 

One day I in my early teens, I took the bus downtown to do some VHS hunting. I had just recently heard about South Park, but didn't have cable at the time, so I still had only seen bits and pieces at friends houses. Well, as I was perusing the wall of tapes, one jumped out at me. Cannibal: The Musical called to me. I snagged it off the shelf, and returned home. I popped it in the VCR, and shit quickly left my insides from laughter. It was a year later or so that I realized that it was the same madman involved in South Park that had made this. Since then, I try and watch it at least once a year. I am always excited to go hunting for gold. Fudge, Packer? 

Few movies sum up my childhood like this one. I think the only thing I rented more than this was Dream Warriors. Simultaneously terrifying, and hilarious.

John Waters is one of my gods. While not my favorite of the Waters films, this one is one of my most watched. It was in heavy rotation in high school. I love the homages to classic horror such as H.G. Lewis, and other pioneers of the drive in age. Matthew Lillard fresh off the success of his cameo in Ghoulies III, is hilarious. I love John Waters use of stunt casting, and I think Kathleen Turner in this, might be his masterpiece. 

Most Coen Brother films slay me, but this is the first one I remember seeing. I assume most have seen this, if you haven't, leave your bunker, and change your life. 

Who hasn't wanted to give strangers orgasms without going to jail? Who hasn't wanted to get cast into a porn movie on pure chance? Who hasn't seen this masterpiece? Kill yourself. Well, at least go rent or buy this now. 

We are past the halfway mark. Forty to go. 


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