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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kweeny's Top Ten “Stupidly-Awesome” Comedy Favorites

When it comes to humor, I have been told I have a “strange” sense of it. Probably because I fluctuate being stupid funny to dark, gallows humor. Sometimes my humor style is downright WRONG. I enjoy being very trickstery and borderline asshole-ish with my humor, but I always try to keep my edge dulled enough that it's good natured...until someone crosses a line.

Humor is how I have evolved to deal with things like rage. Growing up, I was a terribly angry kid. I had many good reasons for it, but mostly I was just full of so much passion I didn't know how to direct it. So I didn't have an innate gift for humor. As I matured and grew up though, I realized humor, like rage, could be a weapon I could use to protect myself. I also realized it was a way I could laugh at my own bullshit, and it really helped make me take my own stick out of my ass. Because I didn't like pushing people away with my rage, and I was WAY to serious about my own stupid shit.

I made Grumpy Cat look happy.

All and all, I LOVE a good laugh now. Hell, even when I am furious, I try to crack a joke to deflect my own fury, mostly so I don't implode internally from it. It helps to have a steam-release valve. If I stop joking about shit, that's when people should really be worried.


Anyhoot...on with the list of funny! In no particular order...

Kweeny's Top Ten “Stupidly-Awesome” Comedy Favorites

1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
This is a classic tale of a kid who scams the system to have an amazing day off school with his suicidal best friend and girlfriend. The crap this guy get's away with is the stuff of legends, and we all wanted to be Ferris when we watched this as kids.

2. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure/Journey
I hung out with a lot of metal heads and goths growing up, and in the 80's and 90's, we all had friends like Bill and Ted. Sadly, none of our friends had time machines. Or had the chance to play twister with Death. Because damn it, that would have been tubular! *air guitar solo with hands*

3. Wayne's World (1 & 2)
Wayne's World was another awesome film from my childhood. Everyone I knew could sing Bohemian Rhapsody thanks to that movie, and we all loved Garth's fantasy woman and his rendition of the song “Foxy Lady.” (The quotes mean something if you have seen the movie.) But my favorite part is when the boys see and meet Alice Cooper. They really weren't worthy of such an honor. WHOA!

4. Invader Zim
This cartoon is not only beautifully and twistedly drawn, but full of sharp wit and dark humor! It's completely INGENIOUS! It's fun to watch the failed Invader alien Zim think he's good at shit, all the while he has to interact with all these crazy characters. Everyone in the show is interesting and quirky. Including the creepy-bitch face teacher Mrs. Bitters. Seriously, she's a creature who eats fear.

5. All incarnations of The Addams Family
It's no secret that I enjoy The Addams family. They were the family I wanted as a child. I saw the black and white as a small child, and in my early teens watched the remakes as they came out with wicked glee. They made my black little heart feel less alone in the world, all while making adorable and quirky jokes about death, murder, and other taboo subjects. And who didn't want to have a relationship like Mortica and Gomez? They were a happily married couple that did it right. Still passionately in love, still blissfully uncaring that their world was unconventional. So romantic.

6. Troma Films
And for those of us with a taste for madness, gore, disgusting bodily fluids and tits smeared in all that, we have Troma. Troma studios is like the punk rock of the horror genre, and I love them for it. They do things their way, and always with a dark, snarky sense of humor. I love a lot of their films like Toxic Avenger, Killer Condom, and my favorite of the moment, Poultrygiest: Night of the Chicken Dead. Yes, they are as bad and awesome as their titles suggest.

7. Troll 2
Unlike Troma films that are intentionally funny, This one is the opposite. Troll 2 is one of those movies that wasn't meant to be funny, or horrible, or horribly-funny. But it is. There are so many really awesome moments in Troll 2 that I laugh my ass off every time I watch it. From bad acting, bad scriptwriting, silly set design and props...the list goes on. It's got a cult following for a reason. When you watch a horror film that was meant to scare you and it's no where even close to it, sometimes it comes out the other end hilarious instead.

8. Black Books
This show is AMAZEBALLS. Seriously, if you love British humor, and DARK humor at that, you'll love this show. I love the quirky characters, the way they interact around customers in the book store, and the really sharp and perverse humor that goes on. It's got a really evil streak to it, one that tickles me to the bone. Bernard is my favorite jerkface. He really has no fucks to give about pretty much...everything.

9. Clone High
This show sadly only aired in Canada and had one season! BOO! It was so good, and I didn't expect a show about cloning famous people and making them go to high school would be funny. It's hysterical! Some of my favorite moments I still quote from the show. I believe it got canceled because of it's portrayal of Gandi, which is a shame. Some people get really sensitive about things. In my opinion, if you can't laugh at something, (even if you think it's inappropriate to do so) then you're taking life to seriously.

10. Metalocalypse
Every metal head I know loves this show. Because while it does make fun of metal heads, it's so AWESOME about it! It knows exactly what it's doing, and because it is so true to us metal fans, we can see the humor in ourselves and laugh. It's dark, it's crude at times, it's gory, and it's fucking BRUTAL!

Now this list doesn't count my favorite comedians, as that would be quite a long list. I love comedy. It helps lift me out of bad moods and helps me blow off steam.

Speaking of comedy shows, I need to finish up this trainwreck of Supernatural. Fuck it's glorious! I want to turn away, but it gets worse and better at the same time!  I know what you're thinking. It's not TECHNICALLY comedy. But it sure as hell makes me laugh when I watch it! Have you seen the convention episode? FUNNY SHIT.

Queenie Thayer has been an avid fan of horror all her life. She's a published author of both horror and fantasy. She currently writes for and is a Fright Meter Awards Committee Member. She also enjoys blogging, and is known in the crevices of the internet as Kweeny Todd, the Demon Blogger. There she shares her obsession with the macabre and the monstrous. She's also an aspiring filmmaker, and is trying to get her short film Red Handed off the ground.

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