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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Doctor Has A Cure For Those Frowns

 In No Particular Order.

1. Young Frankenstein - I love the entire cast, and quote this movie frequently to the point of considering more than just a comedy, but a life’s guide for good behavior when faced with adversity. I adore look of the movie. Somehow I always find myself pandering to the screen asking Igor not to take “Abby’s” brain.

 2. Caddyshack – This may have been the movie that let me know I should at least try drugs once. It’s so easy to identify with the lead, Danny Noonan, but you aspire to be Ty Webb, hate the Judge and creates dreams of blowing up a golf course (because I strongly dislike golf). Some amazing boobies in this one, some of my first boobies actually as my father had made a VHS copy of the video store rental and I would watch on repeat. 

3. Duck Soup – PBS, Channel 13, thank you for airing this when I was a kid. I love most Marx Bros movies, but this was my first and stuck with me. It may have been one of my first Black & White movies as well. I still sing the songs from time to time and go to “war” on a daily basis. 

4. I Love You Man – Little known fact… I am Paul Rudd, or at least I’m Paul Rudd’s character in I Love You Man. That’s what my wife she’s absolutely correct. I’m awkward. I need to let loose. I can’t speak on the phone when I’m nervous and make up words and nicknames that don’t make sense (Jobin). 

5. Ed Wood – Not completely a comedy but a movie that makes me laugh on repeat. Tim Burton’s Ed Wood let me into the secret life of one of my early horror heroes, Bela Lugosi and gave me some truly excellent one-liners. As a person who daydreams of being a filmmaker, Ed Wood gives you a list of exactly what not to do but is great at displaying a near Don Quixote level sense of ambition.

6. Ghostbusters – How many Bill Murray movies are on this damn list anyway? Super quotable. The opening library scene scared the shit out me when I was a kid. I put my audio cassette tape recorder up to the TV when I was a kid and recorded the soundtrack. I used to listen to it on the front stoop while playing with my GI Joe’s complete with dialogue from the movie of course. 

7. Blues Brothers – There’s some great music in this one. I think this might have been the movie that made me want to smoke while driving very badly. Every so often I get delusions of grandeur and believe that I should start up a blue band…. And drive through a strip mall. Do YOU have a Miss Piggy?

 8. Blazing Saddles – I first watched this cut to shit on TV when I was a kid. No farts in the farting scene. No swears. Words bleeped. How could anyone find that funny? Well I did and then when I saw it uncut I was floored. Gene Wilder is a worth hero, and I still want Madeline Kahn…. A lot. Like Mongo, I am only a pawn in game of life. 

9. Shawn of the Dead – I love zombie movies, so this romantic comedy cum zombie flick is perfect for me. In truth I love all the Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright flicks. This was just my first, and when I first watched it I identified with it quite well, working a dead end job with roommates whose ambitions were very similar to a certain lovable monkey’s. Great soundtrack as well. Probably best use of a Queen song a movie since Flash Gordon 

10. Clerks – I bought this tape when it came out. Then I learned all the great quotes from the movie by watching it every day after school. Working as a clerk myself at both a Quick Chek and a Blockbuster Video later on in life, this movie really hit home. Kevin Smith paints in beautiful obscenity much like Ralphie’s dad in A Christmas Story.

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