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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

30 Day Horror Challenge day 26

     A movie I watched a lot as a child. That is tuff as I have been nerding out on horror films since I was a wee little lad. I was constantly stopping at the video store on my home from school. I think I rented Dream Warriors a gazillion times. I pretty much wore out the end of the tape watching the sweet Dokken video over and over.  All the Friday the 13th films were watched many times. I seemed to always catch parts four and five on TV.  I could honestly go on for a long time naming all the shit I watched but when it comes to one movie I instantly think of watching tons when I was a kid it would have to be...
     I caught this on USA up all night one of the weekend nights I was trying to stay awake as long as humanly possible eating candy and drinking Jolt soda.  It came on and I fucking loved it.  There was just something about it that instantly drew me in.  A couple weeks later it was on again so I set up my sweet gigantor VHS player to record it and watched the shit out of it from here on out.  I still to this day will occasionally pop this bad boy in and feel like a kid again, not from Serbia but a bad ass nerd kid sitting in my house that is set up similar  to how my room was when I was dick high.

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