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Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Day Horror Challenge day 14

     Day 14.  The zombie film, for this to whoever created this I say....Fuck You!  Seriously, there are so many god damn zombie movies, granted a big chunk of them are about as sweet as the maggots crawling out of my dead dads asshole but there are many that rule my balls.  When I started thinking about this right away so many came flooding into my mind, it was like Katrina all over again.  The purist in me was like well shit gotta go with Romero, everyone has their favorite and for me its Day hands down.  The gore and the isolation not to mention Bub who owns super hard. Then I thought of Dellamorte Dellamore.  I fucking love that movie, then all the horror comedy's came rushing into my brain like that line I did off that dead hookers ass earlier. Shaun of the Dead, Dance of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead.  Then I started thinking more obscure Jean Rollin brought us The Grapes of Death and Zombie Lake. When all was said and done though I only had one answer....

     Lucio Fulci AKA God.  When I think of a zombie movie that makes my shit rock hard there is one choice.   Did you see that zombie fighting that shark?  Yeah I just shot the biggest load out my dick.  Yeah that bitch just got splintered in the eye in slo mo.  I got in a sweet argument with my mom about this scene years ago.  She was mad because she was trying to sleep and kept waking up to a woman screaming. I told her "you would scream too if you were getting your eye gouged out in slow motion."  I still think this is a valid argument.  This is a little bit of a slow starter but once it does it keeps on going.  Its like the underdog in the special Olympics, you cant stop that.  The music will forever be ingrained in my brain and all the gore and zombies are so fucking awesome.  When I want  a zombie flick my brain always goes to this first.  


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