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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tromeric's Top 500: 250-226


I don't think I have ever been as literally on the edge of my seat, as I was when I first saw this on the big screen. It creates perfect tension, and the entire cast owns it. 


Still holds up as a nearly perfect film. 


I love what Boll did with the interviews before the movie. Then the movie is one of the most exploitative, over the top violent films I have ever seen. Basically I loved it. 


This definitely hit at an important time in my cinema obsession. I can't even begin to count how many times I watched it the first year it was on home video. 


I have always preferred this over the original. I love all of crazy gremlins we get. The gargoyle, the professor, the bat. So many great ones. 


A great slasher, and the start of one of my favorite actresses career. Brinke Stevens. 


Like Stand By Me with more torture. High on the list of films that actually made me uncomfortable. 


Basically a perfect action film. Great cast, great story, and entertaining as hell. It also made me want to rob banks while wearing president masks, so there's that. 


The sex appeal in this is insane, not to mention Sherilyn Fenn is beautiful. Art Garfunkel is one creepy looking mother fucker though. 


Possibly the best ending ever. Also, the soundtrack is amazing. Thor is a beast. 


I know it's cool to hate on these, but I love all three. This was a great finish. Catwoman was beyond sexy, and Bane may have a funny voice, but he is still a badass. 


I love the freaks so much in this. The first is great as a sleazy, gritty film. This one is way more fun. The effects are amped up, and the songs rule.


Possibly the most badass actor/director duo over. Also,that theme song. 


So many amazing creations in this one. Sure, the first one might be more influential, and possibly a better film, but I love all of the crazy in this one. 


Over time I have a feeling this one will move to a higher spot. I have already watched it like six times this year. Such a beautiful movie. 


When this came out, it was like nothing I had ever seen. I loved the books, and was beyond excited to see how they crossed over to the film world. I was beyond happy with the result. 


This has never been my favorite Cronenberg film, but that doesn't change how awesome it is. That is a crazy curve to be on. I love the feel, and that head explosion is bonkers to this day. 


One of the first Stephen King books I ever read. When I first heard it was becoming a miniseries, I shit. I watched it as it aired, and recorded that shit for repeat viewings. I still love it, and I still watch it frequently. Especially when you consider the running time.


Still has the same impact it did the first time I saw it. 


A bikersploitation film that went mainstream. A perfect fuck you letter to the world. 


Possibly the best dialogue in any movie, ever.


Pretty much the most badass movie ever made. 


Probably my favorite anthology film. All of the stories rule, and so many amazing jokes. Makes me feel like I am a kid, camping in my own backyard, telling scary stories again. 


A beautiful love letter to the old Giallo films. The music, the lighting, the close ups. All amazing. 


Who doesn't want to see a girl bang herself with a crucifix? 

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