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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tromeric's Top 500: 275-251


A classic for a reason. The ending is one of the most devastating in history.


Cronenberg is a God. Still holds up as one of the best remakes in history. Watching Jeff Goldblum transform is crushing on the soul. 


Still my favorite 3D theatrical experience. This one gets a lot of hate, but I love it every time I watch it. Powerglove? Fuck yeah. 


A revenge flick turned up to eleven, then flipped around like a baby in a dryer. Keeps you on the edge of your seat, and has some beautiful visuals. 


Weird Al is such a bad ass. This made me want to open up my own TV station so bad. A dream I still have. 


Ernest has, and will always be one of my heroes. The pen scene makes me shit out of my face every time. It is also great to see evil Ernest. 


Two of the most beautiful girls in the horror world, and they are both amazing in it. A great twist on the werewolf genre. 


Growing up on the show, I was beyond excited for the film. They riff a classic, so it's fun no matter what. It always weirds me out to see it in such high quality though. 


One of the few shorts that I would consider a favorite. Anger was a crazy bastard, but pretty much anything he makes, I can't look away from. 


A staple in high school. It also taught everyone a very important lesson. BOC only wrote Don't Fear The Reaper to find out who their pussy fans were. Bring on the bitches. 


I am always impressed when someone can make a movie so long, and have me want to watch it over and over, without boredom. Scorsese has always been one of my favorites, and this is one of his last films I love more than my own family, or at least close. 

Sure, most of it is just flashbacks from the first, but all of the new footage is so fucking perfect. His eyebrows should have won an Oscar. 


People love to give Uwe Boll shit. A sentiment I don't understand. I still stand by him being a misunderstood genius. This is really when he started to shine in my eyes. I honestly think this is one of the funniest films ever produced. 


I love the desolate empty feeling Stanley creates. Some great kills as well. 
My favorite of the trilogy. Babyland lyrics on the wall, a great cast, and was such a staple for me in the nineties. 

We started off our fifty days of horror with this, as it was released on Set 12th. It was a fifty day horror marathon, that started with a bang. A perfect blend of comedy, gore, absurdity, and beautiful ladies. Also, Pancakes!


I never imagined that this would turn out as funny as it did. It is hard for me to breath while this is playing. On top of that, it kicks up the nostalgia like a mother fucker. Ending with Soul Asylum took me back. 


Another one, where I prefer the sequel. This took everything that was great about the original, and multiplied it into one crazy ass critter  ball. A must watch on  Easter, and the Playboy Bunny bounty hunter is super sexy. 


So good, and so gory. The malfunctioning scene in the board room is so amazing. Pretty much a perfect film. 


I love watching peoples decent into madness. Especially when it is someone as beautiful as her. Score is amazing as well. 


Funny, smart, and amazing. I watch this about twice a year, and have been since I first saw it. 


A classic for a reason. Nothing I can say, you don't already know. 


Left turns happen about every seven minutes in this. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but still. So beautiful, and twisted.


I am instantly hooked every time this is on. Best hair ever. 


I love that Cannibal Holocaust is not Deodato's most fucked up film. This is on the verge of being too much for even me. It also has the longest shower scene in history.

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