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Monday, December 29, 2014

Tromeric's Top 500: 300-276


I absolutely love the atmosphere  in this.


Such a fun fucking movie. The graboids are so badass. 


The Loaf!! 


One of Goblin's best scores, plus the soundtrack rules. The cast rule, and it has all the Argento signatures.


Love the odd feeling this film gives me. So unnerving. 


Nostalgic overload. Captures the 80's blockbuster feel perfectly.


Puppets on crack make me slightly hard.


One of Joe Dante's many classics. A Christmas must.


A perfect horror comedy. I need the sequel, stat.


Old Full Moon excites me in all of the ways. The effects, and the atmosphere in this make it one of my favorite vampire flicks.


I will never forget the first time I rented this. Blew me away. The song is so good, and ends up on most mixes I make.


A perfect example of an 80's sex comedy. Funny, smart, and full of boobs.


The show was a huge staple for me growing up. I was in line right away on opening day.


Amazing gore, fun as hell, and hilarious.


One of those movies I can put on anytime, and if I do. I have to finish it.


I will never forget the first time I saw the trailer for this. My jaw was on the floor. I had to know what it was. Once I did, I shit like seven times. So great. So weird, and the songs rule.


There was so much hype before this came out, and I ate that shit up. I bought the trading cards, stickers, books, anything I could get my hands on. I went and saw it and was instantly in love. It remains my favorite of the franchise, and the effects are still mind blowing.


Great soundtrack, great atmosphere, and the cast all rule. Bill Paxton is so good. The bar scene slays me.


So brutal,and amazing. Van Bebber has a style that you can instantly recognize.


All three shorts are great, but Cutting Moments blows me away. So cringe worthy, and somehow beautiful.


Very few things are better than an old John Woo movie, and this is one of his greatest.


This movie sent me down a wormhole of "indie film." I was captivated by its simplistic, yet convoluted story. The soundtrack made me shit. Still does.


The male version of Now and Then. Wait, I think I said that backwards. Seriously though. A perfect coming of age film. The way it portrays friendship, family, struggles, and dead bodies are all perfect.


Those eyes stared at me daily when I would wander through the video store. I finally gave it a rent, and loved every second. I am a sucker for gritty New York shit. The effects rule, and if I had a brother, I would keep him in a basket.


One Halloween I went as this poster. You're welcome. Also, this movie rules.

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