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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tromeric's Top 500: 350-326


Holy shit! Jim Mickle has impressed me a little more with each flick he makes. This one floored me. 


Very few times have I been as pissed about the Oscars, as when Tom Hanks beat out Billy Bob for this. 


Everything I love about Troma, wrapped up into one film. 


I didn't think that a beet documentary about a series could be made after Never Sleep Again, then this happened. Basically seven hours of awesome. 


Still holds up for me. The motor home scene is still brutal, and Michael Berryman is still a badass.


A truly unique film. So many great scenes, and who doesn't love a good solo blow jay? 


A childhood favorite. I caught this on USA Up All Night and fell in love. So much fun, and full of my favorite scream queens. 


I picked this up on a whim, right around the time I first started collecting DVDs. I instantly fell in love. So weird, and fun. 


I saw this when I was a kid, and then could never remember what it was called. When it finally hit DVD, and I realized it was the film I had been searching for, I shit. Then I watched it repeatedly.


This was around the time I realized that you could make comic book movies, that had nothing to do with super heroes. I love this film. So funny, and smart. 


One of my favorite modern horror films. So bizarre, and some pretty crazy stories surrounding it.


Perfectly captures what I love about old exploitation flicks. Great atmosphere, and an ending that will make you shit. 


These kids are into metal, and open a gate to unleash demons. Pretty close to my childhood. 


The worst part about this doc, is coming to terms that the film itself never happened. Imagining what could have been hurts my soul. On the other hand, hearing him talk for an hour and a half almost makes up for it. 


The most kick ass action film ever. Non stop badassary. 


Mickey Rourke owns this. One of those movies I can put on anytime, and instantly get sucked into. 


Possibly the dirtiest movie ever made. The streets are literally littered with trash. Bill Paxton kills me. Everyone is so good, actually. And the dark humor nails it.


NILBOG! So fucking hilarious, and full of amazing moments, and dialogue.


My favorite of the Michael Myers sequels. It has that perfect eighties slasher feel. 


I love Jack Ketchum. His writing is amazing, and I have loved pretty much all of the films based off of his work. This is high on my list. So brutal, plus it has the little girl from Ernest Scared Stupid, and that makes me happy, and creeps me out a bit.


I will never forget going to see this opening night. Shit killed me then, and still does to this day.


The seven minute opening music video with Pia Zadora, and Jermaine Jackson is completely unnecessary, but fucking amazing.


A documentary about one of my favorite humans ever. So many great interviews, and footage from an extraordinary life. 


One of the classic war movies. I watched the shit out of this as a kid. Still blows me away, to this day. 


Can't argue with the impact this had on me as a film lover. These days I forget about it from time to time, but when it hit, it sent me down a wormhole of films I may not have checked without it. 

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