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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tromeric's Top 500: 400-376


I have seen and heard about this so much now, that sometimes I forget the impact it had on my initial viewing. I loved it so much I instantly restarted the disc. 


The dialog in this kills me every time. So many moments that have me spitting my grog everywhere. I mean, the tent. Yeah. I shit, like three times. 


A few years ago Coffin Joe returned to the scene with Embodiment of Evil. It was a glorious return. Full of sexy ladies, spiders, and Coffin Joe. 


One of my favorite atomic age mutated creature flicks. I mean, giant ants? Shit yeah. So much fun.


Not only one of the funniest Christmas movies of all time, but one of the funniest in general. The cast all rule, especially Katt Williams. 


A bit of a Deliverance rip off, but still enjoyable as hell. Hal Holbrook owns it. 


Years after Jennifer Lynch won me over with Boxing Helena, she put out this badassary. So much fun, and some great twists. 


Definitely one of Argento's signature films. The song is a nice touch, and the score is phenomenal.


This movie burst on the scene and exploded my insides. I became obsessed with it. Brandon Cronenberg is definitely his father's son. 


The thing about Broken Lizard movies, is that I always like them initially, but it takes me a few watches to love them. This was my first real exposure to them, and within a week I couldn't stop watching it. It gets funnier every time. 


I have always thought this was Anderson's masterpiece. Every single actor are at their best. Always a fun watch. 


Inside ripped an unborn baby out of me it was so good. I was beyond excited to see what this duo did next. I finally got my hands on this, which included importing it, as it still isn't out here, but totally worth it. Such a different film than Inside, but you can still see their signatures all over it. A vampire film, that isn't really a vampire film. It instantly reminded me of a Jean Rollin film. Also, that Halloween: Season of the Witch homage is basically brilliant. 


Buddy is a badass. I love backwoods horror, and this is near the top of the list for me. 


Easily the best biker gang, Bigfoot film out there. I caught this at a local grind house when it was touring around. Blew me away. Unlike many of the modern day throwback films, this feels legit. It's not just an homage, it is a grind house flick. Don't be a Todd, and get your ass out and get this now. 


One of the few highlights of Nazisploitation for me. A genre full of a lot of garbage. This is a must watch though. Dyanne Thorne owns this role. 


One of the few times I prefer the remake over the original. I love the original, and it is very integral to my love of horror, but this has Crispin Hellion Glover, so yeah. The whole cast is excellent, and the gore is out of this world. Also, any film that opens with a Black Heart Procession song is killer in my eyes. 


One of Carpenter's most underrated flicks. Sam Neil slays, and it may as well be a Lovecraft adaptation. 


Herzog and Kinski are basically my favorite dysfunctional duo. It is unbeleivable to me how good Kinski is in this. 


I have never understood why so many people hate on this. It was even the case before it was cool to hate on Smith. I wore this tape out initially. One I can put on anytime. Stinkpalms for everyone. 


Holy shit! This is one of those really long movies, that I have no problem watching anytime. Pretty goddamn close to a perfect film. 


Definitely a time stamp of 80's horror. The original was such a brutal masterpiece, that Hooper basically had no choice but to change the formula, as there is no way to live up to the first. Still plenty of gruesome parts, but funny as hell, and such an epic soundtrack. 


A staple of my video store education. Still holds up. 


Killer pig for the win. So much fun. 


Part of the vengeance trilogy, and while I think Oldboy is a better film, I end up revisiting this more often.


A perfect piece of shit. Amazing killer stuffed animals, and Amber Lynn makes everything better. 

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