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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tromeric's Top 25 Films Of 2014

Here it is. My favorite twenty five flicks from 2014. As usual, not all films were produced in 2014, but had to at least be made readily available this year.

I loved the team behind this, but still wasn't quite sold from the trailers. Definitely a lot darker than the trailer portrays. Still funny as hell, and some great effects. 


You know this had to make the cut. It was more than just a movie. It was an event. They amped up everything from the original.


A fun ride into hell. 


A great follow up to the TV show I have no business liking, but I do. Fun, and well written, but also full of some great cameos. 


Wasn't sure if I cared or not when I first heard about it. Glad I ended up in the theater, probably my second favorite Anderson films. 


Just absolutely love the feel of this shit. It's fun, sexy, gory, trashy, and hilarious. 


This is one I definitely had no interest in, initially. I gave it a shot anyways, and was pleasantly surprised. An interesting take on a remeake, and the killer is badass. 


Love the idea behind this. It plays out perfectly. 


I love Ti West, and I love Jim Jones, so I knew I had to watch this. I loved it. Not perfect, but so many great moments. Great gore, and the acting is solid as hell. 


I love all the left turns in this. Great pacing, and the score is excellent. 


Fincher always be slaying it. It is beautiful, full of twists, and the score owns hard. 


A great blending of reality and fiction. I love Nick Cave, so that helps, but I feel that regardless of your love for him, there is something for everyone in this. Such a beautiful film. 


I didn't think anything could be more badass than The Raid, then I saw The Raid 2. 


Fantastic revenge flick. This took me places I didn't expect to go. Loved every second of it. 


Holy shit! He plays this so well. Creepy is an insane understatement. 


I fell in love the moment the entire film shifted every expectation I had. A must see. 


I wouldn't go as far as some and say this is the scariest movie ever. However, it is truly unnerving, and makes your skin crawl a bit. Scary or not, it is a fun ride. 


I felt like I was waiting forever for this. Kind of a fantastical biopic of his own childhood. The thing I wasn't expecting is how goddamn funny it was. 


With a team of Joe R. Lansdale and Jim Mickle, I knew I had to see this. It was everything I could have ever hoped. The atmosphere, the music, the acting. All top fucking notch.


Holy shit! This movie was one of my favorite surprises of the year. So atmospheric, and the gore blew my fucking brains out. 


Everything I love about Troma, shoved into one movie. 


I didn't just pick this because of the achievement it was, sure that helped, but what really impressed me is that I got sucked into the world for three hours, and my only complaint is that it wasn't twice as long.


Von Trier always owns me. This is his epic. I have watched it six times already. The entire cast kills, and it is somehow his most accessible film. It still will rip your insides out, but at least it cups the balls in the process. 


This movie ripped my soul out. Love the dark coming of age story, but I would be lying if I didn't mention the gore. That definitely was just icing on the cake. So beautiful, brutal, and gut munching all at the same time. 


Holy fuck! Everything about this makes me hard. The score is so fucking good. The pacing, the gore, the acting, it is all off the charts. The best way I can describe this is that it's like if David Cronenberg directed House of the Devil, and got the effects guys from Inside. Shit blew me away. 

It was a pretty goddamn solid year. Some films that are destined to become classics definitely made a splash. Here is to next year being even half as good. 


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