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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tromeric's Top 500: 450-426


A doc about collecting VHS. I assume everyone is shocked that I love it. Outside of the fact that it is a subject so dear to my empty place where my heart should be, it is insanely entertaining. Some truly classic interviews, and so many great clips from VHS history. 


Hauer at his best. I love the dark, bleak setting, and some badass moments fill in the gaps. 


When this first hit, I was obsessed. Terrifying, and hilarious. The baby scene is devastating, and the shit the bed scene has be losing my breath from laughter.


One of the great comedy duos, and this is my favorite of theirs. Slapsticky goodness from start to finish. 


So much badassary, and Wendy O steals my heart every time. 


Holy fuck! So classic. Michael J. Fox in one of his earlier roles, and it is just so badass. 


Holy shit, Scorsese hadn't impressed me for a while when this hit, and I initially wasn't that interested. Glad I gave it a shot, as it blew me away. 


Another 80's action classic I was obsessed with as a kid. Dolph can do no wrong(ignore all of his made for TV movies, they are not real), and this is high up on his best roles. 


One of the best revenge tales. Bronson nails it as the grieving father and husband, who is done taking shit, and letting those lazy doughnut eaters do it their way. 


James Gunn has been someone I have loved since back in his Troma days. Slither blew me away, and I was very excited when I first heard about this. I was lucky enough to catch the US premiere with Jacob VonKlingele. Gunn, and Rain Wilson were there, and I loved every second of it. The cast all nails it, but especially Kevin Bacon. 


This is one of the King adaptations that gets a lot of hate, and I just don't get it. I love it. I watch it pretty frequently. Clovis is a bad ass, M├Ądchen Amick is so sexy, and Oedipus gives his seal of approval. 


Oh Crispin. I love any, and every thing he does. This is definitely one of his finest moments. We also got the unforgettable Letterman appearance. 


Arguably the first true slasher flick. I have to watch this every Xmas. Love the he's in the house moment, the cast all rule(Saxon!), and it just embodies the Christmas spirit, or at least in my head. Also, that poster. 


This one doesn't seem to get enough love as far as Van Damme films go. Not that it is a hated film by any means, but I just don't hear people talk about it the way that they do Bloodsport or Hard Target. Definitely a great example of the Sci-Fi/Action blend. 


King and Carpenter. Those are definitely two names I am excited to see next to each other. In my top five of Carpenter's scores. The soundtrack itself works perfectly to create the atmosphere, and who hasn't wanted to have a ghost car run down the man who shat on their baby? 


Killer worms. That is all I needed to know.  So many great scenes. Lieberman never disappoints.


Possibly Fulci's sleaziest film. The New York Ripper is brutal, bloody, and has my favorite moose knuckle of any film ever. Also, it's basically the only time you get to see Donald Duck kill all the bitches. 


One of those movies that I can watch repeatedly, even though it is basically a million hours long. 


People hate Michael Bay. I don't get it. I understand not liking something, but what baffles me is how offended people get that he makes movies that are fun. That is what I want when I watch a Bay film. I am not saying he can't make a "good" film, as I know he can. I mean have you seen Pain and Gain? Shit was crazy good, but back to this. Start to finish this shit is pure entertainment. It's goofy, full of explosions, and Megan Fox is my trashy childhood dream. The only thing that makes this better. Mushrooms. If you have not experienced that, do it. Now. 


I don't know if it is possible for this movie to be any more badass than it is. This movie definitely made me crazy for Swayze.  It also taught me a lesson that has kept me going for almost 35 years. Pain don't hurt. 


Right when I thought that another good found footage movie wasn't a possibility. A screener for this showed up. I put it on and was instantly blown away at the brutality. One of the few films in recent memory that sickened me. It is made insanely well on top of that. 


Russ Meyer and Roger Ebert. Yep, you read that right. So much campy fun, and I love Meyer's eye for detail, and by detail, I mean boobs. 


One of the best, if not the best biopics out there. Cast perfectly, and a frequent watch for me. Wrong Kid died. Wait, wrong movie. 


Wynorski is a God. I love all four of the Deathstalker films, but this is undoubtedly the best of the bunch. Just hope Deathstalker doesn't save your life, because there is no way he doing that shit for free. You will pay, oh yes you will pay. Granted, if it was me. I'd pay up. 


Kids horror at its best. When this first came out, I was pretty hooked on it. If Joe Dante had made an animated film(No, his Looney Tunes movie doesn't count). I assume it would have been Monster House.

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