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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top 10 Films of All Time By Mister Bones

  1. Top Gun - There’s nothing that screams big budget 80’s cheese at me harder than Top Gun. The soundtrack, the volleyball scene, the over the top back and forth between Maverick and Ice Man, and of course the white hot F-16 vs Mig action, all make this a classic gem from a decade that was pretty awesome-heavy.

9.  Summer School - This one is more about the characters than the movie itself. Chainsaw, Dave, Shoop, Ekian, Denise, Anna Maria, Gills, and the list goes on. The chemistry on camera between the cast makes these characters so much fun to watch. Add to that the fact that Chainsaw and Dave were childhood heroes of mine, and this easily makes my top 10.

  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 - How do you follow-up a classic? If you’re Tobe Hooper you crank the insanity up to 11 and direct TCM2. Holy shit this movie is nuts from start to finish. I love everything about it, but in particular I credit it as the film that made me fall hopelessly in love with BIll Moseley.  

7.  Rad - A true, all-American underdog story. You can keep your Rocky 2, give me Cru Jones and that bue-tired BMX any day of the week. I still to this day cheer out loud when he tops that last jump and crosses the finish line of Hell Track in first place. 

  1. The Dark Knight - As is widely known, I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Batman. That said, DK makes this list not because of that, but simply put, if you take the Batman related stuff out of it, and just watch Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, and the rest of the amazing cast work, it’s still one of the best movies ever made.

5. Halloween - Nothing I can say that hasn’t been said better about John Carpenter’s classic. It’s probably the best horror film ever made, and will stand the test of time, long after anybody reading this is gone. 

  1. Jaws - I have two very irrational fears in life, one is flying, the other is sharks. Jaws is the reason I’m afraid of sharks. Spielberg instilled in me as a kid a fear that has been with me my entire life. Hard not to be impressed with a film that has that kind of effect on your psyche.

3. Return of the Jedi - I’m a big Star Wars geek, have been my entire life. I find myself on the Jedi side of the great “Empire vs Jedi” debate. For as much as I dig the Hoth battle, Cloud City doesn’t do much for me. Both Tatooine and Endor though make up what I feel like are the series strongest and ultimately most satisfying story moments. Plus, Slave Leia. 

  1. Silver Bullet - Werewolves, Stephen King, a book with Bernie Wrightson art, the church scene, Gary Busey before the mental break, the most effective use of atmosphere ever, need I say more?

1. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives - The ultimate slasher movie, and the one that sparked my love for the horror genre, Jason Lives is the perfect balance between horror/black comedy/slasher. It’s also the film that sparked my love for the hockey mask wearing, machete wielding man of my dreams, Jason Voorhees, a character that it’s hard to walk more than a couple of feet in my house without running into. For these reasons and many more, this will always be my favorite movie of all time. Like Ted from How I Met Your Mother’s “Return of the Jedi”, this is the movie I watch when I’m home sick from work, the movie I watch on special occasions, the movie I watch when I’ve had a rough week, the movie I watch when all else is wrong in the world. 

Mitch goes by the internet moniker Mister Bones. He’s a simple minded fellow, who loves comic books, horror movies, hockey, and video games. He can be found writing about such as that, and all manner of other meaningless topics over at this blog, Tales From the Batcave.

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