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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Horrible Way to Die- Adam Wingard

     A Horrible Way to Die is kinda like getting a pretty girl home. You are excited and everything is going well. You are enjoying yourself but kinda drunk so everything is kinda shaky.  She starts working the shaft and you are totally into it. She gets to the balls and you are so stoked.  Its time to switch. You start working from the top. You unzip her pants and low and behold it's a giant cock.  You think about running but at this point you are to far in. You say fuck it and just start working her shaft. She reciprocates and in the end you can look past the fact she had a cock because you came and it was kinda fun. You know it was not what you expected on going in but sometimes a surprise is good even if you have to work around a dick to get it.
     Fuck you M. Night. This is a twist.



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