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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dark Waters- Mariano Baino

     This is a slow burner. It may burn slower than the Challenger did thanks to that teacher fireproofing it. It is obviously inspired by the great Howard(not the duck) I mean Lovecraft mother fucks.  It is also very atmospheric, and I don't mean full of rhymes about Jack Tripper or the ripper.
     The plot is not important. It is just fucking beautiful. It has more crosses on fire than Mississippi Burning. It has so many nun's crucified I couldn't stand up for like an hour and the creepiest twins since The Shining.
     If you enjoy Lovecraft or beautiful  imagery watch this. If you need everything spoon fed to you I got a high chair I can put you in mother fucker. Ill sick Casey Anthony on you though, so you better decide if it's worth it.



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