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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Top 50 Horror Sequels Part 3: Electric Boogaloo

30. Night of the Demons 2- Brian Trenchard-Smith

     Night of the Demons was one of my favorite 80's party, gooey, possession films ever. Brian Trenchard-Smith took a break from directing bad ass ozsploitation films for this follow up that holds up pretty god damn well.

29. Pet Semetary Two-  Mary Lambert

      This movie gets a bad rap in my opinion. The first Pet Semetary is good but not perfect by any means. I love it and it is  a decent representation of the novel, however for just plain old fun I prefer this.  I saw this as a double feature with Hellraiser 3 that is another sequel that I think is looked at in the wrong light.  Pet Semetary 2 is dark, funny and gory. You don't have to compare it to its more serious counterpart.  Sit back and enjoy Eddie Furlong fucking shit up.

28. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers- Dwight H. Little

      The second Halloween is a nice follow up to the original as it takes place directly after the first one. It's like an extension. Growing up I hated part three with that lack of Michael Myers. I grew to change my mind, as long as I looked at it as a different film it was great. I left it off the list because it has nothing to do with the franchise. Halloween 4 is the first sequel in my opinion. It took the original(which is far superior, don't get me wrong) and moved it ahead ten years and you got to see a lot of what made Michael tick. Sure this is where the story starts to get insane but fuck it, don't take everything so serious. It's a fun ride. You may want to double bag it(by that I mean get shitty) but the characters are fun and the kills are rad.


27. Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snoman

     Jack frost raped Shannon Elizabeth is the first one. That was rad. He now returns to a tropical island to say some of the best one liners ever and not melt somehow. If you don't want to watch a killer snowman on a tropical island kill bitches you should reevaluate yourself. 

26. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan- Rob Hedden

     This is one of the most hated sequels in the world. I don't get it. Sure it should be called Jason takes a boat as Jason is in Manhattan about as long as it takes a priest to cum when he enters little Timmy's butt hole. I can forgive that just like the pope forgives rape.  Jason knocks a dudes head off. There is a hot asian chick, a chick who loves to metal out and get her face slammed by here flying V and who can forget the hot rock being shoved through a dude. The uncle looks like Robert Stack and Jason looks like Corky from life goes on after a chemical burn.

25. Psycho II- Richard Franklin

     This came out so long after the original I would of never guessed it was worth a shit. Psycho is one of the best movies ever made period. This will never compare, it is however a intriguing character study and super entertaining film.

24. Gremlins 2: The New Batch- Joe Dante

     One of the rare examples where I like the sequel more than the original. I love the first one don't get me wrong but two takes everything great about the first one and rapes it for nine minutes. The new Gremlins are so bad ass. The gargoyle and the scientist rule my balls. John Glover and the twins from Eerie Indiana are great and how can you argue with Christopher Lee.

23. The Exorcist III- William Peter Blatty

     Exorcist two is horse shit. They got the writer of the first one to direct this and I almost like it better. The first may be a better film but I love this. Super creepy and awesome and the only Exorcist sequel not made out of shit.

22. Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare- Rachel Talalay

     Here is another of the most hated sequels out there. I don't get it. Sure it is kind of ridiculous and lost the feel of the first one. The thing is, so did two, three, four and five.  You don't have to take everything so serious. This is fun and full of references from the original. You have a Johnny Depp cameo. Alice Cooper is in it, not to mention Rosanne and Tom Arnold. I saw this in the theater in 3D and loved it and still do. It is my third favorite Freddy film for sure.

21. Critters 2: The Main Course- Mick Garris

     The king of King returns for a second time on the list with Critters 2. I love Critters but it was not a perfect film by any means. Two came along and took everything good about the first one mixed in a million other amazing things like critter ball and Playboy crite hunter to make a fun, amazing film.

      Well twenty to go. What do you think so far? I know I have included some hated films on this list and I will be up front with you its only gonna get worse(better). Let me know why I am wrong and keep your eyes out for the next installment.



Mr. Gable said...

Great list so far! When you make a list like this do you do what I do and go through your movie collection first? HAHAHA Pretty much if there's something out there I liked, I most likely have it already and therefore won't really need to look around for any other examples.

Guts and Grog Reviews said...

I started with my memory. Then asked Gabe Nye if he could think of any, then went through my collection. I assumed anything that should be on the list would be at that point. I will have the last twenty up in the next couple days.

Giovanni Deldio said...

While, I;m not a fan of of Jason takes Manhattan, I am a fan of the beautiful Kelly Hu. Glad you mentioned her! Gremlins 2 is awesome, though, and I'm very happy that you mentioned it. It most def would be on my list!

Guts and Grog Reviews said...

How could I not mention her? Also how could Gremlins 2 be on here. So classic. Stoked to hear what you think of the top 10.