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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

     Shit yeah the Grog has been recognized, it's even better as its from one of my favorite blogs to read Son of Celluloid.  Great reviews that the Soska Sisters appreciate and great articles like this one about Independent Video stores, not to mention he ends his shit with an homage to the master himself Joe Bob Briggs. I appreciate the nod but I would like to clarify the voice that is unique is just me being insanely intoxicated, gotta give credit where credit is due and this time I think Bushmills and Tarantula deserve the credit for the blog. This is an award for blogs getting off the ground that have less than two hundred followers so I am honored and will leave you with a list of five I would like to pass this bizzness onto. I wish I could do more but rules are rules so here in no order are five blogs I have been digging on, which all coincidentally have been a part of our now monthly Bad Netflix Crew where we have some drinks, talk shit in homage to MSTK3000 and bullshit with other horror nerds all across the country. I encourage anyone interested to look out for the next one which should be announced soon. It is a blast.

Mr. Gables Reality

Mr. Gable loves bad movies. He will keep you updated with trailers of shit you can't believe came out of someones butthole(not Clive Barkers), His reviews are fun and make you feel like a kid again looking at that giant box of monsters coming out of a toilet wearing a graduation gown. This guy knows bad better than Michael Jackson's finger knew Macaulay Culkins butthole.


Scary Larry  will keep you updated on all things important like horror comics, babes from the horror world and music and movies of course.

Vincent's Handmade Art

Badass art and one of the original members of the Badnetflix crew Vincent likes to throw in some drawings during the riffing that usually make me shit out of my nose. Yeah this bear is in space. Hercules put him there.

Direct to Video Connoisseur

Love for Dolph equals love from me. A new member to the Bad Netflix crew. Great write ups of films that didn't make it to the big screen and much more.


Last year he watched a horror movie a day for, well you get it all year. Funny and intelligent at the same time. Not as frequent now but a real fucking treat when he writes a new one.

Thanks again Son of Celluloid for the nod and everyone needs to check these.



Mr. Gable said...

DUDE! Congratulations! LONG LIVE THE GROG!

You always do so well about keep up to date with the latest underground shit. I wish I could keep up but my stupid LIFE is in the way.

Thank you for the nod! That's fucking awesome. Most everything I review is brand spanking new (to me). My thoughts are usually my first impression...unless its something like The Room where I need to share BOTH experiences.

We are Brothers in Bad. Who knew Uwe Boll would actually BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER. (actually, it was probably Udo Kier)

Anyway, anyone reading this...Twitter. #badnetflix. It's the greatest time you'll have on the internet this side of space porn.

Eddie said...

Heya! Congrats on the award and thanks for the shout-out : )

I apologize for not getting around to this sooner but, like Gable, I'm having similar LIFE difficulties.

Take it easy and keep up the good work.