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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 10 of 2004

Oh 2004 the year that according to David Fincher the most interesting thing ever happened and Facebook was created. Ronald Reagan forgot to live, Ray Charles heard his last music video played and Marlon Brando took his last tango in life. Jerry Goldsmith heard the score to the omen as he was fading away and Rick James proved to us that cocaine is a helluva drug.  Two great woman screamed their last scream as we lost Fay Wray and Janet Leigh. Johnny Ramone had two bad things happen to him first his death and second getting an in remembrance credit on The Wicker Man Remake(Technically this was not 2004 but oh well).  Christopher Reeve got a dose of Kryptonite and Rodney Dangerfield coached his last soccer team. Old Dirty Bastard found his father, Dimebag got Abe Lincolned and Russ Meyer fell asleep for good on some nice soft tittie pillows.  Definitely a sad year so now we will make up for it with an exceptionally strong year for film.  Three films from 2004 ended up on my top 50 of all time. Not to shabby.

10. Shallow Ground- Sheldon Wilson

An often overlooked little gem.

 9. Malevolence- Steven Mena

Another overlooked film, one of the few movies I have ever seen that comes even close to recapturing the spirit of Black Christmas or Halloween. And I said close.

8. Club Dread- Jay Chandrasekhar

After Super Troopers Broken Lizard went into horror territory with this.  Like Super Troopers this gets funnier with each watch.  Best Horror Spoof since Student Bodies.

7. Creep- Christopher Smith

When I watched this I assumed Mr Smith(not the douche) would go onto great things as this was fucking creepy(i went there) and full of promise. Well I was right as he went on to do Severance and this years broootal Black Death.

6. Dead and Breakfast- Matthew Leutwyler

Super fucking fun and gory. The songs are so good and it has a pre "I forgot to put the lemon wedge in my mouth" David Carradine.

5. Shaun of the Dead- Edgar Wright- Rom Zom Com at its best. 

4. Murder- Set- Pieces- Nick Palumbo

The Nutbag that made Nutbag somehow scores with this. Albeit not a perfect film it works for me.  I think Vincent Gallo is actually the only actor in this and he is just wearing everyone's faces. The video store scene is really out of place but aside from that who doesnt love watching  crazy German guy(see what I did there) donkey punch and slice up bitches.

3. The Machinist- Brad Anderson

Christian Bale tones down his body and his acting from the dark knight for this well crafted descent into madness.

2. Calvaire - Fabrice Du Welz

Deliverance for art fags. AKA Perfect.

1. Bubba Ho-Tep- Don Coscarelli

This movie is perfect.  You can not describe this film. So I wont try.

Look out for 2003, also check out 365horrorfilm's top 10 as well. 


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