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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Frozen- Adam Green

Best ski lift movie since shredder.  Seriously though this movie scared the fuck out of me.  It is one of the most unnerving movies I have ever seen, I was tense the whole time.  Its hard to beleive that Adam Green took a ski lift and was able to pull off a 90 minute movie and have it work.  Its not perfect, there is a couple of times you will definitely  have to use the suspension of disbelief but fuck it, its a horror film. The suspense he is able to produce is downright impressive.  While not nearly as gory as Hatchet this will make you cringe as if you were a 12 year old girl when uncle Chester took you out to the shed.  I cant say to much without ruining anything which I would hate to do so I will just leave you with a very definite check this out.  Green shows he knows how to pull off many things and not just ripping people in half, which dont get me wrong he does well but i would be hard pressed to find someone who didn't think about this every time they take a weekend trip to the pass.



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