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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done- Werner Herzog

So when I heard that David Lynch was producing a movie directed by Werner Herzog I came so hard I shot a load that went back through time and while doing this went through, Martin Luther King Jr, JFK, Abraham Lincoln,  and caused the Roswell Crash.  Mystery solved mother fuckers put down your pipes and your books on conspiracy theory's I just solved some of Americas biggest mysteries.  Sure I may of caused them as well with my monster load of excitement but I think I deserve a prize, open up that cracker jack box bitch. Lets do this. Anyways, back to the point, My Son, My Son is amazing.  It is a crime drama full of a great cast, flamingos, ostrich and the Urubamba River which everyone should know from the classic Fitzcarraldo.  Like I said earlier the cast in this is amazing, Grace Zabriskie is chilling and is so nice that I kept expecting her to pull out a coat hanger to beat Michael Shannon with.  Speaking of Michael Shannon, wow, his insanity is treated absolutely perfectly here which I'm sure was a team effort between him and Herzog. The way he speaks of God(aka oatmeal lord) and the sick and his mother. This guy freaks me the fuck out, Is he the new Klaus Kinski? Well obviously that is impossible but I'm pretty sure he took some inspiration from the crazy man himself, from what I hear there was no guns drawn of fights over snake bites and candy bars but the look on his face brought me in as Klaus used to.  Brad Dourif is hilarious as the hateful ostrich farmer.  Udo Kier has his glasses stolen right out of his pocket by one of those creepy all neck birds and Willem Dafoe is of course amazing as the lead detective uncovering all the back story told through flashbacks from Kier and Sevigny.  As the tag line says, "The Mystery isn't who. But Why."  The directing of course is beautiful and slow and almost as if was set up as still photography, which is not shocking when you have Lynch and Herzog involved.  As we all know from the commentary on Nosferatu, he likes the beauty, he is not Spielberg, there is no explosions something as simple as a river or a basketball can be a thing of beauty.  I can't recommend this enough. It is something very different in a world full of remakes and conventional fast cut MTV editing. If you have been crying for something that doesn't give into the conventions as I have, put your hankie down you fucking pussy and watch this as you have found it.



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