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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 10 of 2007

2007 a year when 32 nerds had to learn the hard way that technical skills wont save them from and pissed off Oldboy fan.  We lost Lilly Munster and Bergman sat down to play a game of chess and lost.  Jerry Falwell died and everybody limbo-ed and I heard that rap music became the new disco.  Jack Valenti went numb then bit the bullet but still left us with a fucktarted rating system and Chris Benoit and the Rock both had a game plan while the rocks just ruined his cred, Benoit's ruined his family's faces and left him alone and dead. Not to mention that Evil Knievel took his last leap and an astronaut wore a diaper in the name of revenge. Now on to the films that made 2007 a year for vampires, abortion, torture and some pissed off clouds. 

10. The Wizard of Gore- Jeremy Kasten

I usually stay away from remakes but with a cast like this how could I resist. Super gory, Suicide Girls getting obliterated, Black Heart Procession and Crispin mother fucking Glover.

9. Flight of the Living Dead- Scott Thomas

Zombies on a Plane!!!!! This movie sucks, but I love it, play the drinking game where every time someone falls through the hatch take a shot. Alcohol poisoning here we come. May even be crazier than the Wild Zero drinking game.

8. The Rage- Robert Kurtzman

Gooey, slimy, fun from The K of KNB.  Wishmast caused some havoc. Just a good time.

7. 30 Days of Night- David Slade

Before he took on sparkly vampires David Slade directed this comic adaption with real vampires that actually kill. Blood on Snow, one of the most beautiful things ever.

6.  Grindhouse- Robert Rodriguez/ Quentin Tarantino/ Eli Roth/ Edgar Wright/ Rob Zombie

This came out together and is how it should be seen with all the trailers intact, to bad all these God Damn nerds decided they would rather jerk off to the target catalog instead of go out and see this fun gory tribute, they like to talk about it but god forbid they leave their moms basement.

5. Wolf Creek- Greg Mclean

A well done creature film from the man that bought us Wolf Creek. Vaughn is here to save the day.

4. Murder Party- Jeremy Saulnier

Wow, coolest cat ever. 

3. Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer- Jon Knautz

This Plumber is pissed.  Robert Englund is so amazing in this and I can't wait for the sequel to see where they will take our friend Mr Brooks(not Kevin Costner).

2.  The Mist- Frank Darabont

Wow, possibly the best monster movie since The Thing.  Everything about this is amazing, the cast, the directing, the monsters and the end blew my fucking mind.

1. Inside- Alexandre Bustillo/Julien Maury

The french continue kicking ass with this, so fucking gorgeous, it will kick you in the stomach and abort your child, and you will thank it for doing so.

Solid Year, next up 2006 we will sing with some chickens, dance on some graves and eat a ton of food.

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Micah1003 said...

Nice List! Never got around to seeing the "Gore" remake. I will be rectifying that situation.

Guts and Grog Reviews said...

Yeah, a lot of people hated on it, I thought it was good fun, the cast is so good and the fore is super fun.