Guts and Grog Tooned Up

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Wolfman- Joe Johnston

This Wolfman doesn't have nards. In fact he doesn't even just have one nard after getting it crushed a wrestling match. Its like Teen wolf 2 with the effects of Altered Beast. This is about as Middle of the road as you get. Its like Stephen King just hanging out waiting to get pummeled. Granted Stephen King is kind of a bad ass as this wolf is a douche. Come on Benico you used to be a bad ass, now you waste your time in Altered Beast the motion picture. Not to say this is all bad, there are moments(very few) where its kinda sweet but seriously when Silver Bullet is a more engrossing film you got some fucking issues. This movie is like a somewhat attractive girl with secret cutting issues, yeah if your just drunk enough she may be attractive enough to fuck but you are gonna notice the scars the whole time.


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