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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Every other day is Halloween- C.W. Prather

Oh to be a kid again, I unfortunately didn't grow up in the DC area so as a kid I did not get to experience what seems like something that would of definitely been a huge part of my childhood if I had. I did grow up watching USA up all night and Joe Bob Briggs Monster vision as well as all the Elvira videos that came out. which I still have some of my fondest memory's this side of actually cumming after rubbing myself raw to the JC Penny's catalog. Even as a "adult" I have since visited and revisited many of these shows, thanks to the internet and underground bootlegs. This is a fun, well crafted, entertaining document of a time that many fans will never forget. Everyone involved obviously had and has so much love for what they did and are still doing to this day. The people that it affected still hold a fondness that one would not expect, Jeff Krulik and Steve Niles being among many of the people interviewed make you wanna go back to sitting in front of the TV eating Count Chockula and watching the horror films of your childhood, for me its Puppet Master, Bad Channels and pretty much anything Full Moon put out, but it could be anything. This is for anyone that appreciates that feeling you got and is not only Valid for people who Watched Count Gore De Vol specifically. I cant say enough good things about the count or this doc, order this, people like this keep horror alive and have been doing so for many years.



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