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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me- David Lynch

David Lynch created a TV show with Mark Frost in the 90's, it is in fact the best TV show ever made(aside from that bullshit Evelyn story). Long story short ABC are a bunch of fucktards and thanks to the bullshit it kinda went down hill and got canceled only 29 episodes after it started. Skip ahead a bit and Lynch decides to make a prequel. So now that I have fleshed out the back story lets get this motherfucker moving.  The first 45 minutes or so doesn't even take place in Twin Peaks but who gives a fuck its amazing, Chris Isaac, Harry Dean Stanton, David Bowie, and Keifer Sutherland are a few among many of an excellent supporting cast for the opener. Right from the moment this movie starts you know its going to be nothing like the TV show, Lynch starts it off by hammer smash facing the TV set as the opening credits finish up.  This movie has it all, at points its laugh out loud funny with the sheriff of Deer Meadow talking about phones and bending steel, to Chris Isaac making good ole Jack Bauer spill coffee all over his dick sack. Don't you dare ask Irene about Hap's specials, cuz god damn it they don't have none.  After we leave Deer Meadow we take a quick stop to hang out with some agents in Philly, unfortunately Charlie and Dea and the gang aren't there but its OK, David Bowie and Kyle McLaughlin take care of bizness. Finally we are in Twin peaks and its worth the wait. This is the last 7 days of Laura Palmer s life. Don't be a dick bag if you haven't seen the show don't watch this, the best part of the show is figuring out who killed her ergo if you watch her get killed you kinda know, and if you don't you are a fuck nugget and should get back to your Steven Spielberg movies. Anyways this movie will punch the baby right out of your stomach, even if you don't have a baby it will make one just so it can abort it. Sheryl Lee should of gotten many Oscars for this. She is so fucking unbelievable in this. Everything about this is perfect, I could go on all day but I wont cuz Mr Jimador is telling me its bedtime. All I have to say is if you have not seen this what the fuck is your problem? Take that butt plug out and drive your ass to the store(or get on amazon if you a lazy mutha fucka) and start watching this and watch it again and again and again.



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Jacob K. (frankbooth23) said...

Good call, I just started watching through the show again on Saturday. Now I just need this on blu-ray.