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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trash Humpers- Harmony Korine

I feel like I just got Raped.  Not in a bad way but in  a I'm wearing a short skirt and kinda wanted it way. I knew what I was getting myself into when I went to see this, OK maybe not exactly but I have been a fan of Harmony Korine since I first rented Gummo when I was in High School and got punched in the dick while watching it. I saw the trailer for this and was sure I was in for a treat( a rapey dick punch treat).  I was right it is 75 minutes of chaos, a bunch of old fucks(actually young fucks in really good prosthetic's)act like a bunch of juvenile delinquents. They go around lighting off firecrackers, killing people, telling racist jokes and of course sticking their old wrinkled balls in trash till they cum, why not.  Harmony Korine is an acquired taste for sure. I'm not recommending everyone goes out and sees this. I hope they do and I hope I'm there to witness it because I love showing people this shit, watching them get all uncomfortable and cringing and just feeling like shit, I get off on that a bit, I'm not gonna lie, am I a sick fuck? Yes I am, I have been watching John Waters and Russ Meyer Movies since I was dick high. And I don't mean when I was molested you sick fucks I mean when I was roughly at the height of an average mans penis, doesn't mean its in my mouth. Get your mind out of the gutter.   Newsweek said "Trash Humpers leaves the residue of an authentic nightmare. You'll want to shower afterward."I agree but I would go as far to say I am going to shower and shave and brush my teeth, hell Its gonna be like cutting moments up in here, I will brush the shit out of my teeth till they are bleeding and I am dead. That would be a nice relaxing evening after watching this. I will leave you with the words of the wordsmith Andrew "It's just like anal. You're stoked before hand, when it's over you feel sick and your body is sore." Pretty much sums it up.



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