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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What is It?- Crispin Hellion Glover

What is it you ask? I don't fucking know. Ask Crispin, does he know? I cant stop watching it. I have seen it quite a few times now and yet to understand a god damn thing but kinda love it.  A whole bunch of Corky's beat each other up and David Carradine each other and talk some shit while girls in elephant and monkey masks jerk off Brian Cranstons sped brother while listening to Johnny Rebel. Then a bunch of cabbage patch dolls show up and reenact smile time while a Shirley Temple dressed up like Ilsa in Swastika garb and all touches herself and laughs. I think. I don't really know and I don't care I love it, I don't give a fuck what it is I cant look away and that means Crispin Glover must be doing something right. I am excited as  a pig in shit to see the next installment.



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