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Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Day Horror Challenge day 8

     So we are on day eight and it brings us to anthology. I originally was going to go with Trick r' Treat as that movie gave me such a horror nerd boner party in my pants.  It however as many people have pointed out is more of a interwoven story than an anthology. That brings us to the Creepshow movies.  The first one is a classic and the second one brings back more childhood memories than molestation but as much as I love them there is another movie that will always hold a special place in my heart and my pants.  This movie is part of my childhood and continues to make me a gitty little schoolgirl. this movie is of  course.....

    The punk rocker from Return of the Living Dead made this with everyone's favorite Encino Man finding mother fucker Sean Astin not to mention Donkey Lips and one of the best cameos ever involving a surreal Growing Pains moment. The TV show with that Jesus freak not when you legs stretch out. It is three kids sitting around a campfire telling whats grosser than gross stories and being awesome. Its like Are you afraid of the Dark meets Creepshow.  I watch this movie at least once a year and it never ceases to stoke me and turn me into a kid again.


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