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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day one of a 30 day horror challenge I am taking part in

So I noticed Dollar bin Horror put up a 30 day horror challenge and I cant pass up a challenge so here is day one of said challenge. Make sure to check out their page for their results.

Day one: A horror film that no one would expect you to love, but you do.

    I will go with Return to Sleepaway Camp. This movie was so hated and I don't get it.  It is the return from Robert Hiltzik and captures the feel of the original. I love all the sequels but one is a classic and why I loved it from the first time I saw it when I was barely dick high is everyone in it is basically a piece of shit and I was stoked when they got their dumb ass face boiled off. This movie changed nothing but I sure enjoyed watching more hi jinx at sleepaway camp. This is brutal and angry and is fun to put in grab a glass and get your hatred out. Then of course follow it up with Ernest Scared Stupid. 



Anonymous said...

I am also in the boat of people who actually enjoy this film! I believe it will attain cult classic status one of these days. The original was not well liked for a long time...Return seems to be following in its foot steps.

Micah said...

Yeah, what the hell. This seems like a fun idea. I'm in too. Nice first pick btw.