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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Saw the Devil- Jee-woon Kim

     Holy shit, I Saw the Devil takes the serial killer/revenge flick turns it around and fucks it right in the ass with that strap on from Seven.
     Oldboy himself has himself a little hobby, he likes to rape, torture and kill bitches. He is kinda like BTK except less of a pussy because he doesn't go to church after. He stops his short bus to help Storm Shadows fiance how has a flat. He decides fuck helping he would rather shatter the window and her face.  This of course pisses Storm Shadow off so he goes on a hunt fucking Charles Bronson style.  First he straight up fucks up a couple of  lowlifes until he finds the right one.  He then sets out to make this guy feel the pain he has felt.  The thing is how do you make a monster feel?  Unless your talking about Frankenstein's monster from The Monster Squad its not that easy. You have to become a monster yourself. I will stop here as the ride is one of the highlights of this.
     In conclusion watch this fucking movie.  It is damn near perfect.  The cinematography is fucking beautiful, I have never seen a naked Asian woman covered in blood and wrapped in plastic look so god damn amazing. The music is spot on and the editing keeps the story flowing more than an anemic on her period.  The acting is flawless and well just about everything in this is perfect.  We may have it folks the first perfect film of the year. I saw the devil and fucked me real good.



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