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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rubber- Quentin Dupieux

     Holy shit. Rubber. It is like Au Hasard Balthazar but with a tire instead of a donkey. It has the spirit of David Lynch and the best friend from UHF.
     It opens up with a car approaching hitting every chair in the obstacle course. You would be lying if you tried to deny that it was an Asian woman approaching  but to the shock of us all it is a Sheriff who is gonna pop out of the trunk way easier than that girl I put in my trunk last week.  This Sheriff is a poor mans James Woods and he is here to break the third wall more than JCVD. He explains that many movies have confusing elements and basically who gives a fuck?  This speech reminded me of Blood Freak but with less coughing fits. Now we see the audience who are handed binoculars so they can watch the movie the same way my poor ass did when I was a kid when I lived next to the drive inn. This crew throughout the film lends its thoughts, kinda like an Oliver Stone commentary if done by the MST3K crew.
     Now for the next hour we get to see a tire become Carrie White while pulling some Scanners ass shit and stalking woman as if Michael Powell was behind the camera. It is non stop amazing what the fuck party time.  I don't feel the need to go on as if you aren't convinced that you need to watch this you were the star of newborn porn when you were a baby and there is no coming back for you.
    I will leave you with a direct transcribing of a text convo between Gabe Nye the Science Guy and I as we were watching it at roughly the same time.

Tromeric: "So I may be drunk but regardless the music in Rubber is so bad ass. I just realized I am dancing Beavis and Butthead style by myself. "

Gabe Nye the Science Guy: "That's pretty hilarious. The music is perfect though."

Tromeric: " I am in fucking love. Fuck. Tricycle and a gang of tires while Goblins bastard grandson rocks the synth. This movie made my shit rock hard."

Gabe Nye the Science Guy: " Fuckin' A. It's a work of genius."

Yeah. This movie is that bad ass.  Watch it and love it.



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