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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smash Cut-Lee Demarbre

The Man that brought you Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter brings the fun with this homage to Hershell Gordon Lewis. Now I know you are saying hasn't it already been brought, and correct you are but this doesn't loose its steam the way that J.C.V.H. did. I love that movie but if it wasn't for the first half hour I might not remember it so pleasantly, its like the Saving Private Ryan of Christploitation movies. Off the point, back from break. This movie is fun as a thousand Soapies, David Hess is hilarious, Micheal Berrymen is in his prime with what may be the best wig since cousin It. Sasha Grey, well what can I say? I love this girl, So hot, Hilarious and is DTF. Its nice to see Ray Sager in this, even ol Hershell graces us with his presence. Basic Plot(not that it matters) David Hess makes a child's play movie with Mr. Bill playing chucky. The Great looking crowed treats him as if he is Uwe Boll, He goes and gets a lap dance, takes the stripper with him, they get in a accident and he realizes he can use her dead body to make the effects look sweet. He then realizes he needs more body's, so he gets them, basic yes, but entertaining from start to finish, I felt the same way I did the first time I watched Gore Gore Girls, J.C.V.H. buddy balances the level of cheese and gore gags with interesting story(basic as it is), surreal acting, and fun, fun, fun. When it comes down to it that's what matters is i had a fucking blast.



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