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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

House of the dead(funny version)- Uwe Boll

Oh my god, Uwe ball rulz my ballz. He sucks Jesus cock. He is the New Ed wood. He boxed some dudes like Mike Tyson, no ear eating though. This movie sucked. Video game footage is not good, but it rulz. This version made me laugh so hard i came funny cum. That's like cum with word balloons. Brian USAed secret cutted me. Gross, y0ung Louis Lane shows her ta ta's. Nice. I searched for this movie like Columbus searched for America, this movie is better than America, fiveial has helathcare. Watch this if you have a sense of humor, if not watch meet the parents. Ed or Edna, that's what i say.

Movie .5/5 This version 4/5


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