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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things- Andrew Jordon

Wow, I made this move when I was 5 years old, just snorted a bunch of Blow, Shotgunned a fifth of tequila, and got a camera out of a cereal box. In fact I think every horror nerd made this movie at some point when they were a kid. You get your friends a shitty camcorder, and props out of your toy bin. Sounds awful, well it is, however this goes in the so bad its good category, right up there with Plan 9, Troll 2, and Blood Freak, with that said it is even more entertaining that all of those, and that's saying something as i have a huge(well huge for me) boner for those movies. Everything about this sucks so good, its like john cougar mellencamp only it doesn't suck, well actually it does, anyways. somehow this works, the stuffed animal creatures rule, the actors are straight out of the later films of Bresson with their monotone dialog, This is Art people, it is not easy to make something this bad, it takes the right people, and we found em, they live in Canada and somehow got Amber Lynn to take a break from Friday the 13th A Nude Beginning to be in it. They also got some of the creatures to take a break from Over-Sexed Rug suckers from Mars and grace the screen once again. Track this piece of shit down and wallow in its filth as if you were trying to get the Swine Flu.



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