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Monday, September 21, 2009

Aliens in the Attic- John Schultz

From the director of the making of Jurassic Park comes the best kids alien invasion movie since Spaced Invaders. Holy shit son, I was so fucking stoked on this, or in the words of Steph, Stocked, like a grocery store. These aliens are fucking funny. Fucking buddy from wings and spideys boss are pissed and they can make sweet video game characters. Grandma from Grandmas boy can matrix fight. I laughed my balls off. Andy Richter, holy shit i love this dude, hes like do what you want, Tim meadows is like I'm a cop, get drunk and enjoy this great fucking movie, Kevin Nealon isn't stoned enough, Tiny Martianzilla fight, its like mothra vs high school the musical. Boner Jamz o9...



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