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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thirst- Chan-wook Park

Oldboy gave me a boner, not in a weird way like oh hot hes fucking his kin kind of way , but in a sweet, this is fucking badass to the core way. Vampires are not as sweet as other monsters, there are a few exceptions like Let the right one in and some of the classics like Vampyre and Nosferatu. With that said Thirst is bad ass, a priest becomes a vampire and learns how to fuck and kill, like Menacer he is bad ass. This movie is beautiful and surprisingly gory. Buddy from the host takes a break from killing giant creatures to killing people to eat some blood sandwiches. Hes hungry, like the guy from the manwhich commercials. I'm drunk, which is surprising since this a drunken website. i could go on, long story short this movie is badassery to the core of the earth.



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