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Friday, May 27, 2011

Tentacles- Ovidio G. Assonitis

     It's like Jaws but with a giant sea creature. Wait. Its like Jaws but it takes place in the ocean. Wait again. Its like Jaws but its kinda boring but has some bad ass moments. Wait.  God damn it this is Jaws just with an octopussy instead of a shark.
      As many have figured out I love giant animal movies. I don't even care if they are total shit, which they usually are. This is no exception. It's kinda slow, not a lot happens and overall its a turd but I still watch it from time to time. You can figure out what happens in this its basic and kinda boring but have some drinks and its always fun to see animals kill people.  Highlight of this is seeing Shamu fight the octopus. Its like Zombie vs Shark but there are no punk songs written about it.  Final thought total shit but I love shit.



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Mr. Gable said...

Dear god, I have this on VHS. Fuck.