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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust- Sylvia St. Croix

     Gary Busey couldn't wipe all the coke off his nose to reprise his roll for this bad ass sequel, wither that or his "God" doesn't have a sense of humor and didn't approve of a crucified cookie.  It doesn't matter even without the Buse this movie is bad ass.
     This is a movie within a movie. Its like Full Moon's 8 1/2 or New Nightmare.  Autobiographical in many ways constantly poking fun of itself and full of references and one liners that would make Media Home entertainment blush. Now we get into cameos. Wow. We have everyone from David DeCoteau to John Carl Buechler. Adam Green to Gregory Nicotero and I can't forget Michelle Bauer.
     The production is up quite a bit from the first one.  The effects are not mind blowing but they are perfect for a \Full Moon feature about a carnivorous cookie.  The acting is up a bit as well. I'm guessing they didn't refuse to get out of the wheelchair for the entire shoot or O.D. in a hotel room just to stay in character but it's not painful. Full Moon plays it smart keeping it at just over an hour long.  Feeling the need to stretch these movies out is a common mistake made by many but this is paced just right.  The theme song is a complete rip off of Joan Jett's Bad Reputation. I mean  it. A rip off. It rules though.
     In the end this is a great follow up to the original and surpasses it on most levels, pretty much all of em aside from not having Gary Busey.  It's fun from start to finish and is a reminder of why we all still watch movies from Full Moon decades since we started.  Did I mention there is a crucified cookie?


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