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Friday, May 27, 2011

Jaws of Satan- Bob Claver

     Bob Claver yeah the Bob Claver that directed a bunch of the key episodes of the best sitcom outside of Alf. Yeah I am talking about Small Wonder mother fuckers, well he brings us a movie with the most believable premise since The Blind Side.  Is that huge ass snake Satan incarnate? Why yes it is.
     It starts off a little slow but once a priest a witch and a snake meet up and start fucking shit up you cant help but enjoy this shit.  A cobra who so happens to be Satan shows up and makes other snakes such as rattlers do sweet things like stand up and slowly harass a semi naked woman in bed for about as long as the shower scene in House on the edge of the Park. We find out Satan is after this priest and one priest says to another "a priest would make a bright flame in hell." That quote alone makes this movie way better than you.
     It was made in the early 80's, it's kinda slow, it is however pretty badass and sure you may need some drinks and some friends to make fun of it with but all in all Jaws of Satan is a fun ride. It's like that girl you met at the bar.  It's a lot of fun but you may not talk about it ever again.



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